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Any Emu fans out there?
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Any Emu fans out there?
# 1 Friday 01/16/04

Any Emu fans out there?
# 2 Friday 01/16/04

Re: Any Emu fans out there?
> He?

You and me, and the other one: well, that's three of us. Emulation will move 8-bit into the next millenium!
# 3 Friday 01/16/04

Re: Any Emu fans out there?
> He?

For all you Mame fans: try the other mame-type implementations. MESS is quite nice and Virtual PinMAME will elt you play pinball tables on your PC.

If you'd like to try it here's a short tutorial from



Visual Pinball is a nifty pinball emulation system for Windows-based PCs.


There are a couple different ways you can use Visual Pinball. The first is to use it for playing original tables designed just for use with VP. (Yup, you can make your own!) ... The second is to use it for playing a pinball game made by Williams, Gottlieb, etc... by using VPinMAME to emulate the machine's CPU board and Visual Pinball to emulate the table. The former is a lot easier to set up than the latter.

Getting Started

Download Visual Pinball here.

Make a new directory on your PC somewhere to temporarily store it. Unzip it into that directory and run the setup.

At this point, you will be able to start Visual Pinball from the Start menu or by double-clicking a Visual Pinball Table (.vpt) file. VP comes with two tables, which will be installed to C:\Program Files\Visual Pinball\Tables. You can get more tables at IRPinball or from the Visual Pinball site.

Play with it. Now. I command you.

Now, if you want to play a game via emulation, download the Visual PinMAME package. (Be sure to get VISUAL PinMAME, or it won't work.) Create a directory (probably off your root directory) and extract Visual PinMAME to it; then run its setup. Be sure to note what path Visual PinMAME is going to be expecting to find ROMs in!

Now, go back to your Visual Pinball tables folder, download from the ShivaSite Library, and extract the files within into the tables folder. These Visual Basic script files contain instructions needed by Visual Pinball to integrate with the CPU board emulation in Visual PinMAME.

Finally, you're ready to load it with some games. (Whee!)

Go somewhere and download both the table AND ROM files for the game. Extract the table files into your Visual Pinball tables directory (where you just put all that .vbs nonsense), then extract the ROM files to the ROM directory for PinMAME. (Rememeber what directory that was? If you forgot, or want to change it, run PinMAME's installer again.) If it doesn't exist, create it. Don't worry about the NVRAM or other folders, those will be created as needed. Be sure to extract the ROMs into a folder within the PinMAME folder with the same name as the .zip file you extracted them from... for example, the ROMs for The Addams Family, found in, must go in a folder called taf_l5. Otherwise, Visual Pinball won't be able to find them...

Once the ROM and table files are in place, you should be able to double-click the table file and have it all work. In most cases, once you hit F5 to play the game, you'll be presented with a picture of the table and any relevant lights on the backglass. In addition,
# 4 Saturday 11/13/04

Re: Re: Any Emu fans out there?
Can anyone help with pinmame?
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