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Atari ST vs. Amiga - who won?
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Atari ST vs. Amiga - who won?
# 1 Friday 01/16/04

Atari ST vs. Amiga - who won?
Do you remember the pre-browser wars times?

Once there was a company called atari (before they began manufacturiong phones) and the rivaled commodore.

The Main Event:


who won??
# 2 Saturday 02/12/05

Re: Atari ST vs. Amiga - who won?
Amiga did of course. Amiga was better in just about every way. Graphics, sound, OS, Custom Hardware.

The ST was built from off-the-shelf parts (bit like the PC, but worse) it had Spectrum sound chip, lame graphics, and an OS that looked like MACs but was crap.
(All 2 messages ) Post Reply
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