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Can somebody list me some game developers
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Can somebody list me some game developers
# 1 Sunday 01/18/04

Can somebody list me some game developers
Can somebody list me some game developers
# 2 Sunday 01/18/04

Re: Can somebody list me some game developers
> Can somebody list me some game developers
# Adventure Soft
Developer of various interactive games.

# Attention To Detail
Independent games producer.

# Audiogenic Software
Specialist in sports-related games.

# Awesome Developments
Dedicated to developing games where attention to detail is successfully combined with gameplay.

# Codemasters Software
Publisher of titles for console platforms as well as for PCs.

# Colossus
Publisher of card and board-related games.

# Congo Games
Developer of PC and next-generation platform games.

# Criterion Studios
Subsidiary of Canon Inc. of Tokyo. Developer of titles across a range of platforms.

# Dot Products Ltd
Produces games, code and graphics for the home entertainment markets. They are currently developing an arcade/puzzle 3D game for Windows 95.

# Emerald Software
Products include Revolt of Don's Knights and Tlon.

# Empire Interactive
Worldwide publisher for platforms such as PC CD-ROM, SEGA™ Dreamcast and Sony PlayStation®.

# ESP Software
Produces and publishes soccer gaming software.

# Eurocom Entertainment Software
Site offers an online game zone where products can be downloaded.

# Eutechnyx On-line
Interactive entertainment software developer, specializing in the design, development and implementation of driving games.

# Intelligent Games
Develops computer and video games; titles such as Dune 2000, LEGO Loco and SimIsle.

# Lionhead Studios Ltd.
New interactive development company.

# Mucky Foot Productions Ltd
Their background is in theme and simulation style games coupled with a science fiction slant.

# Oxford Softworks
Dedicated to PC and Playstation versions of strategy games.

# Particle Systems
Specializes in Science Fiction games.

# Rebellion
Develops for the PC, Playstation, GameBoy Color and other advanced systems, working with companies such as Fox Interactive, Microsoft, and more.

# Red Lemon Studios
Focused on delivering gameplay on next-generation consoles including X-Box, Playstation2, PC and Dreamcast.

# Revolution Software Ltd
Creators of Beneath a Steel Sky and Broken Sword-Circle of Blood.

# SCi Games
An independent software developer and publisher.

# Software Refinery
Provider of PC and console games development, interactive DVD and multimedia production and Internet audio/video streaming.

# Team17 Software Ltd.
Creator of games for PlayStation, Saturn, Atari Jaguar, CD32, Phillips CDI, Megadrive, Super Nintendo and Game Boy.

# Telegames
A group of multi-national operations that are involved in all aspects of video games and computer software.

# Tiertex
An independent software developer that creates video games for all systems and all music and graphics are produced in-house.

# Virgin Interactive Entertainment (VIE)
Game publisher that is a part of Titus Interactive with offices in the UK, Germany, France and Spain.
# 3 Sunday 01/18/04

Re: Can somebody list me some game developers
> Can somebody list me some game developers

# Acclaim Sports
Makers of NFL Quarterback Club 98 and NHL Breakaway 98 present reviews and clips of commercials featuring Brett Favre and Keith Tkachuk.

# Activision
Maker of Quake II and Battle Zone highlights its products, its mission, and current company news. Check out the store and the support section.

# Atari
Video game label with the classic name is actually the new front for Infogrames, publishers of titles like "Enter the Matrix" and "Driver." Download demos.

# Capcom
Video game designer and distributor offers Street Fighter Ex Plus, Alpha 2 and Street Fighter 3. Find a games menu and purchase prices for each.

# Eidos Interactive
Official developer of such Nintendo 64 game titles as Fighting Force 64. Features electronic purchase, demos, contests, and tech support.

# Electronic Arts
Find out more about various computer games from all over the world. Read news, check downloads, and send an email.

# LucasArts
Homepage of the creators of X-Wing and Tie Fighter and other titles. With product details, screenshots and info on upcoming events.

# Microsoft Games
Comprehensive collection of games and resources includes downloadable demos, patches, screenshots and news.

# Sierra Entertainment
Game developer publishes titles like King's Quest, Half-Life, Homeworld, and Gabriel Knight. Get demos and hints, link to Mac products, or shop.

# Take 2 Games
Publically owned video game company and it's publishers like Rockstar Games are responsible for such titles as Grand Theft Auto and Max Payne. Browse game details.
# 4 Sunday 01/18/04

Re: Can somebody list me some game developers
> Can somebody list me some game developers

Angel Studios
Arkane Studios
Artematica Digital Arts
Firaxis Games
Flying Lab Software
Freeform Interactive
Sierra Northwest
Sir-Tech Canada
Sixteen Tons Entertainment
Stainless Steel Studios
Steel Monkeys
Stormfront Studios
Strategy First
Sunstorm Interactive
Terminal Reality
Third Wire Productions
TimeGate Studios
Turbine Entertainment Software
# 5 Monday 02/06/06

Re: Gambling reviews
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# 6 Tuesday 03/07/06

Re: Grand Casino
Your site is the best. I love your humour, layout, design and everything!
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