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NUON Games, the next hype?
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NUON Games, the next hype?
# 1 Thursday 01/22/04

NUON Games, the next hype?
Hi everyone!

In case you ask what a nuon game is:

Play DVD movies and 3-D games with NUON, a new multimedia technology expected to be integrated into several leading DVD players in the coming months. The first two players ( Samsung DVD-N2000 and Toshiba SD-2300) are already on the market--just in time for the first batch of games! The classic arcade game Tempest 3000, the cartoon racer Merlin Racing, and the original arcade action game Freefall 3050 A.D. are exclusive to NUON!

so here some more games:
- Ballistic
- Freefall 3050 A.D.
- Iron Soldier 3
- Merlin Racing
- Space Invaders XL
- Tempest 3000
- Tetris, The Next

ist a good idea? Yes. Will it dominate the market? No.

Anyway, I like the idea that DVD Players extend their functions. Maybe we'll get hold of those REAL interactive DVDs ;-)
# 2 Friday 03/15/13

Re: NUON Games, the next hype?
Yes, was a bit of a hype, and long dead now...

"Nuon was a technology developed by VM Labs that adds features to a DVD player. In addition to viewing DVDs, one can play 3D video games and use enhanced DVD navigational tools such as zoom and smooth scanning of DVD playback. One could also play CDs while the Nuon graphics processor generates synchronized graphics on the screen. There were plans to provide Internet access capability in the next generation of Nuon-equipped DVD players." --Wikipedia
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