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Awesome new console pinball game!
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Awesome new console pinball game!
# 1 Saturday 11/13/04

Awesome new console pinball game!
Hey all, if you haven't seen this game yet, check it out! Pinball Hall Of Fame is amazing! I saw this game in its early stages at E3. Man it was impressive then, but looks even better now! The pinball physics were dead on! All the tables were incredibly accurate and looked photo real! The sound effects were true to the original tables! They even have some great music that fits with the era! Its frickin awesome!

The screenshots they have are lower quality and darker than how the game looks on the tv, but it gives you a good idea of what's in store. Some of those shots look to be from E3 which was much earlier in production too.

The true table list in the game is:

Big Shot
Black Hole
Ace High
Central Park
Playboy (unlockable)
Tee'd Off

All this in addition to a fun little arcade environment with a few more hidden unlockables. For 20 bucks you just can't beat that. Just playing this game for 5 minutes at E3 was enough to convince me to buy it.

As for anyone who isn't savy with 3d pinball and camera movement, don't worry. It had 6 view options at E3, including a static camera at your classic playing angle that's true to real life.

Hopefully enough people will buy the game and they'll make sequels with more tables! Support this guys! I'd love to see Williams and Balleys tables get picked up in a sequel! PS2 version is the way to go and it's in stores now. Looks like X-box and Game Cube are following shortly this month!

It's a great day for pinball enthusiests abroad!!

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