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Category Game Title Platform Year
Computer Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters Commodore Amiga 1990
Computer Elite Commodore Amiga 1985, 1988
Computer Elvira II: The Jaws of Cerberus Commodore Amiga 1991
Computer Elvira: The Arcade Game Commodore Amiga 1991
Computer Exile Commodore Amiga 1991
Computer Escape from Colditz Commodore Amiga 1990
Computer Evil's Doom Commodore Amiga 1996
Computer Everton F.C. Intelligensia Commodore Amiga 1990
Computer European Football Champ Commodore Amiga 1992
Computer European Champions Commodore Amiga 1993
Computer Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz Commodore Amiga 1990
Computer Espa±a - The Games '92 Commodore Amiga 1992
Computer Epic - The 3D Spectacular Commodore Amiga 1992
Computer England Championship Special Commodore Amiga 1991
Computer Enchanted Land Commodore Amiga 1990
Computer Empire Soccer 94 Commodore Amiga 1994
Computer Eskimo Games Commodore Amiga 1989
Computer Exolon Commodore Amiga 1989
Computer Explora II Commodore Amiga 1990
Computer Eagle's Rider Commodore Amiga 1991
Computer Eliminator Commodore Amiga 1988
Computer Elfmania Commodore Amiga 1994
Computer Emlyn Hughes International Soccer Commodore Amiga 1989
Computer E-Motion Commodore Amiga 1990
Computer Edd the Duck Commodore Amiga 1990
Computer E.T.'s Rugby League Commodore Amiga 1992
Computer Einmal Kanzler sein Commodore Amiga 1991
Computer Edd the Duck 2 - Back with a Quack Commodore Amiga 1992
Computer Enchanter Atari ST 1983
Computer Elvira: Mistress of the Dark Atari ST 1990
Computer Essex Atari ST 1985
Computer Exile Atari ST 1991
Computer Eden Blues Atari ST 1987
Computer Eric's Ultimate Solitaire Linux 2000
Computer Exile III: Ruined World Linux 1996
Computer Eagle Empire Commodore 64/128 1984
Computer Eagles Commodore 64/128 1987
Computer Earth Orbit Station Commodore 64/128 1987
Computer Echelon Commodore 64/128 1987
Computer Edd the Duck! Commodore 64/128 1990
Computer Eddie Edwards Super Ski Commodore 64/128 1988
Computer Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge Commodore 64/128 1984
Computer Egbert Commodore 64/128 1983
Computer Eidolon, The Commodore 64/128 1985
Computer Eindeloos (Dutch) Commodore 64/128 1985
Computer Election Game, The Commodore 64/128 1983
Computer Electra Commodore 64/128 1989
Computer Elektra Glide Commodore 64/128 1986
Computer Elevator Action Commodore 64/128 1987
Computer Elidon Commodore 64/128 1985

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