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Category Game Title Platform Year
Computer Unreal Tournament Microsoft PC 1999
Computer Unreal Tournament 2003 Microsoft PC 2002
Computer Unreal Tournament 2004 Microsoft PC 2004
Computer Unreal Tournament Bonus Pack Microsoft PC 2000
Computer Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition Microsoft PC 2000
Computer Unreal: Return to Na Pali - Mission Pack 1 Microsoft PC 1999
Computer Untouchables, The Microsoft PC 1989
Computer Uplink Microsoft PC 2001
Computer Uplink: Hacker Elite Microsoft PC 2003
Computer Uprising 2: Lead and Destroy Microsoft PC 1998
Computer UpWords Microsoft PC 1999
Computer Urban Assault Microsoft PC 1998
Computer Urban Chaos Microsoft PC 1999
Computer Urban Chaos [SmartSaver Series] Microsoft PC 2002
Computer Urban Runner Microsoft PC 1996
Computer Uru: Ages Beyond Myst Microsoft PC 2003
Computer US Open 2002 Microsoft PC 2002
Computer US Racer Microsoft PC 2002
Computer US Special Forces: Team Factor Microsoft PC 2002
Computer USA Bass Championship Microsoft PC 2003
Computer USAR Hooters ProCup Racing Microsoft PC 2002
Computer USCF Chess Microsoft PC 1996
Computer USS Ticonderoga Microsoft PC 1995
Computer Unreal Commodore Amiga 1990
Computer Uropa - The Ulterior Colony Commodore Amiga 1997
Computer Uridium 2 Commodore Amiga 1993
Computer Universal Warrior Commodore Amiga 1993
Computer Universal Monsters Commodore Amiga 1992
Computer Under Pressure Commodore Amiga 1991
Computer Utopia - The Creation of a Nation Commodore Amiga 1991

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