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Cabal (US set 1)

| 1988

Release type:
Units produced: Tad (Fabtek license)
Controls/Input Device: Control(trackball), Buttons(2)
Number of Players: 2
More Creator:
More Coder/Software:
License from/Copyright:
SoundMix: Stereo
More Graphics/Artwork:
More Music/Sound:
Acting Talent involved:
More Machine Details:
More System Details:
Game Awards Nominations:
Game Awards Won:
Title a.k.a.:
Avg. Playtime:
Similar Games:
MAME folder name: cabal

Display: raster 256x224 @ 60.00Hz (60.00 pixclock)
Sound: 1 channels

Emulated in MAME via driver cabal.c:
Status: good; Emulation: good
Graphic: good; Sound: good; Color: good
Palette size: 1024; Savestate: unsupported

1-1u with 65536kb
sha1:b1450db1b1bada237c90930623e4def321099f13 crc:8b3e0789
10.6j with 65536kb
sha1:ed7d854f08e87db5ae6cf526eafa029dfd2bfb9f crc:96d5e8af
11.6h with 65536kb
sha1:1d6da95ef96d9c02aea70791e1cb87b70097d5ed crc:44736281
12.7j with 65536kb
sha1:146d8082a404b6eddaf2dc9ba41a997949c17f8a crc:d763a47c
13.7h with 65536kb
sha1:bacf17444abfb4f56248ff56e37b0aa2b1a3800d crc:00abbe0c
2-1s with 65536kb
sha1:23ac1650c6d6f35607a5264b3aa89868401a645a crc:850406b4
3-3p with 32768kb
sha1:f26b10b1dbe5aa6446f70fd18e5f1379455578ec crc:d9defcbf
4-3n with 8192kb
sha1:0bcafc1b78c3bef9a0e9b822c482ea4a942fd180 crc:4038eff2
5-6s with 16384kb
sha1:733cb4b862b5dac97c2641b58f2362471e62fcf2 crc:6a76955a
bg_rom1.bin with 65536kb
sha1:38fcc8159776b82779b3163329b07c61be939fae crc:1023319b
bg_rom2.bin with 65536kb
sha1:4cdcd22836dce4ee6348c4e6df7c6360d12ef912 crc:3b6d2b09
bg_rom3.bin with 65536kb
sha1:175be6e3ca3cb98672e4cdbc9b5f5b007bc531c9 crc:420b0801
bg_rom4.bin with 65536kb
sha1:4d148241835f6a6b63f66494636c09a1fc1d3c06 crc:77bc7a60
bg_rom5.bin with 65536kb
sha1:78c40f6a78a8b9ca9f73fc67fc87f78b15e7abbe crc:543fcb37
bg_rom6.bin with 65536kb
sha1:565eb59b41f71fb69f62397f9747f5ae18b83009 crc:0bc50075
bg_rom7.bin with 65536kb
sha1:e133de5129a33ca9ff449948a959621bbfc58c11 crc:d28d921e
bg_rom8.bin with 65536kb
sha1:15620fc5e985a249677da333b77331e40d2b24ab crc:67e4fe47
sp_rom1.bin with 65536kb
sha1:a6a2304fb576267db2c72cfbf0a3f66740ebe60e crc:34d3cac8
sp_rom2.bin with 65536kb
sha1:ea74443a9423b14611a1f97e44692badfedd0ead crc:4e49c28e
sp_rom3.bin with 65536kb
sha1:baa8cd28be60c678d782ecfabde6cd5e36480415 crc:7065e840
sp_rom4.bin with 65536kb
sha1:e3f4f5b4587f573426ec00417f33e94a257c77e6 crc:6a0e739d
sp_rom5.bin with 65536kb
sha1:4b1f092fc1e92da0f92e55d1548db7961a13f717 crc:0e1ec30e
sp_rom6.bin with 65536kb
sha1:5afd65c15a0a63a54727e6d882011f0718a9fefc crc:581a50c1
sp_rom7.bin with 65536kb
sha1:7fad1f2084664b5b4d1384c8081371b0c79c4f5e crc:55c44764
sp_rom8.bin with 65536kb
sha1:e4ac799dc85ff5b7c8e578611605989c78f9e8b3 crc:702735c9
Mameinfo.dat entry:
0.37b10 [Yochizo]


- 0.147u2: hap fixed clone Omega Fighter Special. The game fails to boot or finish post. After showing bad rom errors, the game resets.

- 0.147u1: Fixed maincpu rom loading.

- 0.122u7: Fixed gfx1/2/3/4/5 rom loading.

- 0.89u3: Changed Z80 CPU2 clock speed to 5MHz.

- 0.37b10: Yochizo added 'Omega Fighter' (UPL 1989) and clone Omega Fighter Special.

- 21st November 2000: Yochizo fixed some graphics bugs in the Omega Fighter / Atomic Robo-kid driver.

- 8th November 2000: Yochizo sent in a driver for Omega Fighter and Atomic Robo-kid.

- 25th April 1999: Dumped Omega Fighter Special.

LEVELS: 8 (restarts once)

Other Emulators:

* FB Alpha


* Raine

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Mars Matrix: Hyper Solid Shooting

Romset: 2016 kb / 8 files / 457.8 zip

Credits Mameinfo and Mametesters Project Robert J. Rabgno et al.
History.dat entry:
Cabal (c) 1988 TAD Corporation.

Cabal is a war themed shoot-em-up with one or simultaneous two-player gameplay in which two unnamed commandos must battle through five different stages - each containing four screens of play - to reach and defeat an evil dictator.

The game is an into-the-screen shooter with the action viewed from an over-the-shoulder perspective. The commandos can move left and right to avoid incoming fire while the enemies themselves are targeted by moving an on-screen cross-hair over them and pressing fire. If the fire button is held down, the commando remains static, allowing for more accurate targeting of the cross-hair. While static, the commandos are vulnerable to incoming enemy fire.

Initially, the commandos are armed with only a standard single-shot gun (albeit with unlimited-ammunition) and a limited number of grenades, but additional grenades and weapon power-ups can be earned as play progresses.

As well as enemy troops, vehicles such as tanks, armoured cars and helicopters also appear and take numerous shots to destroy. When destroyed or killed, some on-screen targets release points bonuses and weapon power-ups that drop to the bottom of the screen and can be picked up by the commandos. Weapon power-ups include additional grenades, a rapid-fire machine and an automatic shotgun, which has a slightly lower firing rate but has a larger targeting cross-hair, allowing it to strike a wider area with each shot.

Each of the game's screens is littered with buildings and barricades that can also be destroyed. This removes enemy cover as well as earning players bonus points.


Main CPU: Motorola 68000 (@ 12 Mhz)
Sound CPU: Zilog Z80 (@ 4 Mhz)
Sound Chips: Yamaha YM2151 (@ 3.57958 Mhz), (2x) Custom (@ 8 Khz)

Screen Orientation: Horizontal
Video Resolution: 256 x 224 Pixels
Screen Refresh: 60.00 Hz
Palette Colors: 1024

Control per player: Trackball
Buttons per player: 2
=> Shoot, Grenade


Cabal was released in September 1988. It was the first video game developed by TAD.

According the a programmer at TAD, the source code of Cabal was not clean and not optimized.

A bootleg of this game was made by 'RED Corporation'.


The US version is slightly different, it has the "Winners Don't Use Drugs" screen.

In the bootleg version, you may roll up with the third button.


* Enemies:
SOLDIER: 210 points
'GRAY MAN': 410 points
SWIMMER: 410 points
MOTORCYCLE: 1,000 points
TRUCK: 3,000 points
TANK (2 types): 5,000 points
CHOPPER: 7,000 points
AIRPLANE: 10,000 points

* Bosses :
CHOPPER: 60,000 points
SUB: 70,000 points
LONG-TRUCK: 5,000 points each part
BOXES-CANNON: 40,000 points each part
GROUNG-CANNON: 500,000 points if 1-credit-completion. 10 points each other part.


* The game have a 'anti-leeching' tool. If you delay a lot of minutes (between 4 and 5 minutes) on the same stage/screen, you will receive a hard 'rain of bombs', like that bombs the airplanes shoot on you. Try to do it on the stage 1-1, the easiest. And if you delay a lot of time in the same position of the 'enemy' bar, without progress, you will receive this rain of bombs easily. Yeah, if you are expert, you will can survive to these bombs, without die, using your skill on the 'rolling' move. You will receive a lot of items (bombs, weapons) if you destroy bombs or if you shoot at the bush.

* General Tips:
1) Killing people and motorcycles (and rocks) won't get you many points -- don't bother unless they get in your way.
2) A well-placed grenade will destroy two choppers.
3) If you are in a corner and a chopper is firing at you, run farther into the corner. Even if you're already IN the corner, if it sees you trying to move toward the corner, you won't die.
4) If you find yourself trapped by incoming bullets, spin the trackball down and to one side (but mostly down). This will cause your character to 'duck and roll'. If you are rolling, you can't be hit.
5) Kill the snipers (the guys in gray bullet-proof suits). Half the time you'll get a grenade for killing him. If you don't, two medics will come running out to reclaim the body. Shoot these medics as much as possible! Each shot they will drop 1 grenade. But the limit is 4 grenades on the screen at the same time. Pick up these grenades as quickly as possible and shoot the medics again for more grenades. Sometimes they will drop new weapons too.
6) On the level one screen with the sliding doors : shoot out the doors immediately upon starting the level. This will stop the guys from lobbing grenades at you.
7) Airplanes are hard to kill. The best method is by using machine gun or bazooka gun on it. In the absence of a super-gun, you can lead a grenade ABOVE where it is on the screen. If you don't get it, and the three bombs are being dropped right on you, it IS possible to stand BETWEEN where two bombs are coming down. You WON'T die!
8) When there's nothing good to shoot on the screen, fire at a bush. This is the way to get extra gunnery! Sometimes you'll only get more grenades, but you'll eventually get a super-gun!

* Tips For Specific Enemies:
1) The giant chopper that shows up at the end of screen 4 on level one doesn't give you any points until you destroy it. Shooting the orange bullets won't knock off any points toward killing the chopper. Only shoot the orange bullets if they're in your way. Otherwise, spend all your time shooting the chopper. Don't waste any grenades on the chopper--it doesn't do as much damage as your gun (and you have unlimited bullets).
2) The semi-truck that shows up at the end of screen 4 on level three will self-destruct if you destroy the CAB (the blue section in the front of it). On this screen you actually get the point for it as well. It is easiest to kill it with the machine gun and/or bazooka gun, but in the absence of either of these, throw grenades at the cab (leading the throw by about four inches). It is MUCH easier to destroy the cab rather than destroying all the attack sections that it drops off.
3) The three CPUs that show up at the end of screen 4 on level four can actually be destroyed with only 2 grenades (I had to do this once when my grenade supply got low), but the best strategy is to lob five grenades at one of the outside CPUs (note that you can only have four grenades per player in the air at any given time, so space them out a bit), then go for the CENTER one (with another five grenades). The final CPU can simply be shot with the standard rifle, and if you're standing on the opposite side of the screen from it, it won't be able to hit you. Don't waste any more grenades.
4) Once you learn how to defeat the final menace (at the end of screen 4 on level five -- the final level) you can get by it (rather) painlessly. Go all the way to one side. Use your gun to shoot out the two surrounding machines that are shooting at you. As soon as they are both gone, lob three grenades at the center machine. By this time, the two outer machines that you shot out have regenerated and are firing at you. Shoot them out again, followed by another volley of three grenades to the center machine. Repeat until the center machine is gone. This requires 20 to 40 grenades, so stock up on the last level (5-4). That is what that final level was for.


1. Cabal (1988)
2. Blood Bros. (1990)


* Consoles :
Nintendo Famicom (1989)
Atari Lynx [Unreleased Prototype]

* Computers :
Commodore Amiga (1989)
Sinclair ZX Spectrum (1989)
Commodore C64 (1989)
Amstrad CPC (1989)
Atari ST (1989)
PC [MS-DOS, 5.25''] (19??)


Edit this entry: http://www.arcade-history.com/?&page=detail&id=365&o=2

Licensed from Alexis Bousiges under a CC Attribution 3.0 License
cheat.dat entry:
00000000 40028 00000099 FFFFFFFF Infinite Credits
62000001 00000 00000000 00000000 Select Starting Level Set on the "Player 1 (or 2) Button" message screen
20110001 011C0 0000FFFF FFFFFFFF 1-1
20110001 011C0 00000000 FFFFFFFF 1-2
20110001 011C0 00000001 FFFFFFFF 1-3
20110001 011C0 00000002 FFFFFFFF 1-4
20110001 011C0 00000003 FFFFFFFF 2-1
20110001 011C0 00000004 FFFFFFFF 2-2
20110001 011C0 00000005 FFFFFFFF 2-3
20110001 011C0 00000006 FFFFFFFF 2-4
20110001 011C0 00000007 FFFFFFFF 3-1
20110001 011C0 00000008 FFFFFFFF 3-2
20110001 011C0 00000009 FFFFFFFF 3-3
20110001 011C0 0000000A FFFFFFFF 3-4
20110001 011C0 0000000B FFFFFFFF 4-1
20110001 011C0 0000000C FFFFFFFF 4-2
20110001 011C0 0000000D FFFFFFFF 4-3
20110001 011C0 0000000E FFFFFFFF 4-4
20110001 011C0 0000000F FFFFFFFF 5-1
20110001 011C0 00000010 FFFFFFFF 5-2
20110001 011C0 00000011 FFFFFFFF 5-3
20110001 011C0 00000012 FFFFFFFF 5-4
00000001 40049 00000001 FFFFFFFF Finish Current Level Now! In x-4 level, a boss will appear instead of the level finish
00000001 40049 00000005 FFFFFFFF Destroy Boss Now!
60000000 00000 00000000 00000000
00000000 4005E 00000009 FFFFFFFF Infinite Lives PL1
00000000 40052 00000099 FFFFFFFF Infinite Bombs PL1
00000000 41658 000000FB FFFFFFFF Invincibility PL1
62000000 00000 00000000 00000000 Select Weapon PL1
00010000 40111 00000000 FFFFFFFF Normal Gun
00010000 40111 00000001 FFFFFFFF Semi-Auto Gun
00010000 40111 00000002 FFFFFFFF Full-Auto Gun
00000000 4000E 00000000 FFFFFFFF Rapid Fire - Gun PL1 Turn it OFF on the name entry screen
00000000 4000F 00000000 FFFFFFFF Rapid Fire - Bomb PL1 Turn it OFF on the name entry screen
60000000 00000 00000000 00000000
00000000 4005F 00000009 FFFFFFFF Infinite Lives PL2
00000000 40053 00000099 FFFFFFFF Infinite Bombs PL2
00000000 41659 000000FB FFFFFFFF Invincibility PL2
62000000 00000 00000000 00000000 Select Weapon PL2
00010000 40145 00000000 FFFFFFFF Normal Gun
00010000 40145 00000001 FFFFFFFF Semi-Auto Gun
00010000 40145 00000002 FFFFFFFF Full-Auto Gun
00000000 40010 00000000 FFFFFFFF Rapid Fire - Gun PL2 Turn it OFF on the name entry screen
00000000 40011 00000000 FFFFFFFF Rapid Fire - Bomb PL2 Turn it OFF on the name entry screen

Credit Pugsy's MAME Cheat file