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Chinese Hero

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Chinese Hero

| 1984

Release type:
Units produced: Taiyo
Controls/Input Device: Control(joy4way), Buttons(4)
Number of Players: 2
More Creator:
More Coder/Software:
License from/Copyright:
SoundMix: Mono
More Graphics/Artwork:
More Music/Sound:
Acting Talent involved:
More Machine Details:
More System Details:
Game Awards Nominations:
Game Awards Won:
Title a.k.a.:
Avg. Playtime:
Similar Games:
MAME folder name: chinhero

Display: raster 288x224 @ 60.00Hz (60.00 pixclock)
Sound: 1 channels

Emulated in MAME via driver shangkid.c:
Status: good; Emulation: good
Graphic: good; Sound: good; Color: good
Palette size: 256; Savestate: unsupported

ic110.14 with 8192kb
sha1:a4ee8822709645b0dc088635c0a9c263fb5a2245 crc:9bc2d568
ic111.15 with 8192kb
sha1:e22ddb3fb90ff8df5ce7fda6a26c1b9fce2f59ab crc:20f6052e
ic112.16 with 8192kb
sha1:e0a9d1dbc021a8ad84dd7d1bd7e390e51e6328b7 crc:dd5170ca
ic113.17 with 8192kb
sha1:8dd97f96a1190c5be5e19721227dd80adf060b4d crc:d713d7fe
ic114.18 with 8192kb
sha1:4bc891a9e16cd84ce353180705cc8fcadf414a49 crc:fc4183a8
ic2.1 with 8192kb
sha1:932a677d0928f4146201f206b71ac2bcc0f6735c crc:8974bac4
ic21.11 with 8192kb
sha1:4c631cf924f1e1dfea6db3f014ab7d9cb9f4b0c4 crc:3a37fb45
ic22 with 32kb
sha1:5a5afeb6aedb8ac6ac49fb8da62df57fbd8b1780 crc:84bcd9af
ic22.12 with 8192kb
sha1:4fc5e4dfe8331a3feb1c370a8aca9c8303eb7b4e crc:bc21c002
ic3.2 with 8192kb
sha1:b17593262ec24b999d66634b84eee95c1088f7eb crc:9b7a02fe
ic31.6 with 8192kb
sha1:565a10b39f2d5d38cb5415aadd7fbdb90dcf13cb crc:7c56927b
ic32.7 with 8192kb
sha1:0374cafb8d4828e195791784ac187772c49c18f9 crc:d67b8045
ic4.3 with 8192kb
sha1:5081500e0a6d4fd19690134efd6f35b6047e6727 crc:e86d4195
ic42 with 32kb
sha1:d89ea91e5da436805fca9ded9b33609f4a862724 crc:2ccfe10a
ic47.8 with 8192kb
sha1:2c1540eb123b3124e1679ba09e063e80f2423022 crc:3c396062
ic48.9 with 8192kb
sha1:3643b430e3b464b0bc9aca81122b07fb8eb0fb9f crc:b14f2bab
ic49.10 with 8192kb
sha1:acaead801b4782875c8b6092e987b73f9973f8b0 crc:8c0e43d1
ic5.4 with 8192kb
sha1:7e92e2c2d09d3501ddbf79a14228cf273f4a17df crc:2b629d2c
ic6.5 with 8192kb
sha1:2600c57d40355775847eed8a9592c67f5d11f1f1 crc:35bf4a4f
ic8 with 32kb
sha1:5a5afeb6aedb8ac6ac49fb8da62df57fbd8b1780 crc:84bcd9af
ic99.13 with 8192kb
sha1:db9f954d4b46660f5f1cb4122838e6418f92d0a3 crc:a8e2a3f4
v_ic108 with 512kb
sha1:1a2146ae404a5e8a701e1d547a8409a376d4bee4 crc:d33c02ae
v_ic12 with 256kb
sha1:5655bce6ff3abad63f5b31add402cdbb51c323f0 crc:0de07e89
v_ic15_p with 256kb
sha1:e355a6ef21a65a1e828d7bd5b0f2224b06438b4a crc:7e0a0581
v_ic27_b with 256kb
sha1:76f21e3e092024592d9ccd33ae69c438254c5755 crc:353a2d11
v_ic28_m with 256kb
sha1:20d85547d96bea8b310c943c45e4978a7e5b5585 crc:7ca273c1
v_ic35_g with 256kb
sha1:e955fda8cb8df389507e17b7b4609e845e5ef0c4 crc:b3d0a074
v_ic36_r with 256kb
sha1:e287b96890da4815350af72e9f2189d0c72313b6 crc:16ae1692
v_ic69 with 512kb
sha1:3cfaef3702dbda3e7c7eb84a93561e36778aec3e crc:410d6f86
v_ic8 with 32kb
sha1:fd5970b5ba1d9e986515ae06c2e83f8bf20b3cdc crc:4c62974d
Mameinfo.dat entry:
0.37b10 [Yochizo]


- 0.147u2: hap fixed clone Omega Fighter Special. The game fails to boot or finish post. After showing bad rom errors, the game resets.

- 0.147u1: Fixed maincpu rom loading.

- 0.122u7: Fixed gfx1/2/3/4/5 rom loading.

- 0.89u3: Changed Z80 CPU2 clock speed to 5MHz.

- 0.37b10: Yochizo added 'Omega Fighter' (UPL 1989) and clone Omega Fighter Special.

- 21st November 2000: Yochizo fixed some graphics bugs in the Omega Fighter / Atomic Robo-kid driver.

- 8th November 2000: Yochizo sent in a driver for Omega Fighter and Atomic Robo-kid.

- 25th April 1999: Dumped Omega Fighter Special.

LEVELS: 8 (restarts once)

Other Emulators:

* FB Alpha


* Raine

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Mars Matrix: Hyper Solid Shooting

Romset: 2016 kb / 8 files / 457.8 zip

Credits Mameinfo and Mametesters Project Robert J. Rabgno et al.
History.dat entry:
Chinese Hero (c) 1984 Taiyo System Company, Limited.

Chinese Hero is a cute kung-fu action game with an overhead view. Lee and Loo must save the princess from 24 evil villains (only 12 in an 1-player game).


Main CPU : (2x) Zilog Z80 (@ 3 Mhz)
Sound CPU : Zilog Z80 (@ 3 Mhz)
Sound Chips : DAC, AY8910 (@ 2 Mhz)

Players: 2
Control: 4-way joystick
Buttons: 4


Chinese Hero was released in October 1984.

This is the first game in the Super Chinese (Ninja Boy in the United States) series of console video games. The series evolved into an RPG/beat 'em up hybrid.

Alberto Zanetti holds the official record for this game with 2,828,000 points on July 5, 1985.


1. Chinese Hero (1984)
2. Super Chinese (1986, Nintendo Famicom)
3. Super Chinese 2 (1989, Nintendo Famicom)
4. Super Chinese Land (1990, Nintendo Game Boy)
5. Super Chinese 3 (1991, Nintendo Famicom)
6. Super Chinese Land 2 (1991, Nintendo Game Boy)
7. Super Chinese World (1991, Nintendo Super Famicom)
8. Super Chinese World 2 (1993, Nintendo Super Famicom)
9. Super Chinese Fighter (1995, Nintendo Super Famicom)
10. Super Chinese Land 3 (1995, Nintendo Game Boy)
11. Super Chinese World 3 (1995, Nintendo Super Famicom)
12. Super Chinese Land 1-2-3 (1996, Nintendo Game Boy)
13. Super Chinese Fighter GB (1996, Nintendo Game Boy)
14. Super Chinese Fighter EX (1999, Nintendo Game Boy Color)
15. Super Chinese I+II Advance (2004, Nintendo Game Boy Advance)
16. Twin Series Vol. 3 - Konchuu Monster/Super Chinese Labyrinth (2004, Nintendo Game Boy Advance)


Edit this entry: http://www.arcade-history.com/?&page=detail&id=459&o=2

Licensed from Alexis Bousiges under a CC Attribution 3.0 License
cheat.dat entry:
00000000 E002 00000063 FFFFFFFF Infinite Credits
00000000 E4B7 00000001 FFFFFFFF Infinite Bonus Time
20800000 2D47 000000C9 FFFFFFFF Invincibility (Water) Stops you drowning and fixes the issues with the Invincibility (Land) cheats
00000303 E1A0 00000062 FFFFFFFF Select next stage
00000001 E1B3 00000000 FFFFFFFF Finish Stage Quickly Now! To finish a stage quickly on the one player game you merely have to die or for the two player game you have to kill all on-screen enemies.
60000000 0000 00000000 00000000
00000000 E1E1 00000005 FFFFFFFF Infinite Lives PL1
00000000 F402 00000001 FFFFFFFF Invincibility (Land) PL1 Ineffective against falling into the water. If you fall into the water, your character may freeze. (may need to turn this cheat OFF)
00000000 E1FC 00000063 FFFFFFFF Always have Full Power PL1
00000000 E014 00000000 00000010 Rapid Fire - Punch PL1
00000000 E014 00000000 00000020 Rapid Fire - Jump Kick PL1
00000000 E014 00000000 00000040 Rapid Fire - Rolling PL1
60000000 0000 00000000 00000000
00000000 E221 00000005 FFFFFFFF Infinite Lives PL2
00000000 F482 00000001 FFFFFFFF Invincibility (Land) PL2 Ineffective against falling into the water. If you fall into the water, your character may freeze. (may need to turn this cheat OFF)
00000000 E23C 00000063 FFFFFFFF Always have Full Power PL2
00000000 E017 00000000 00000010 Rapid Fire - Punch PL2
00000000 E017 00000000 00000020 Rapid Fire - Jump Kick PL2
00000000 E017 00000000 00000040 Rapid Fire - Rolling PL2

Credit Pugsy's MAME Cheat file