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Eliminator (2 Players, set 1)

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Eliminator (2 Players, set 1)

| 1981

Release type:
Units produced: Gremlin
Controls/Input Device: Control(joy8way), Buttons(2)
Number of Players: 2
More Creator:
More Coder/Software:
License from/Copyright:
SoundMix: Mono
More Graphics/Artwork:
More Music/Sound:
Acting Talent involved:
More Machine Details:
More System Details:
Game Awards Nominations:
Game Awards Won:
Title a.k.a.:
Avg. Playtime:
Similar Games:
MAME folder name: elim2

Display: vector x @ 40.00Hz (40.00 pixclock)
Sound: 1 channels

Emulated in MAME via driver segag80v.c:
Status: good; Emulation: good
Graphic: good; Sound: good; Color: good
Palette size: 0; Savestate: unsupported

1333.prom-u1 with 2048kb
sha1:431d340c0c9257d66f5851a591861bcefb600cec crc:fd2a2916
1334.prom-u2 with 2048kb
sha1:d951de5c0ab94fdb6e58207ee9a147674dd74220 crc:79eb5548
1335.prom-u3 with 2048kb
sha1:59c84cf23898adb7e434c5802dbb821c79099890 crc:3944972e
1336.prom-u4 with 2048kb
sha1:6db45b9d11374f4cadf185aec81f33c0040bc001 crc:852f7b4d
1337.prom-u5 with 2048kb
sha1:f0b61ca8266fd3de7522244c9b1587eecd24a4f1 crc:cf932b08
1338.prom-u6 with 2048kb
sha1:aa7d4805c70311ebe24ff70fcc32c0e2a7c4488a crc:99a3f3c9
1339.prom-u7 with 2048kb
sha1:752f14b298604a9b91e94cd6d5d291ef33f27ec0 crc:d35f0fa3
1340.prom-u8 with 2048kb
sha1:f30627dd1fbcc12bb587742a9072bbf38ba48401 crc:8fd4da21
1341.prom-u9 with 2048kb
sha1:cb7df14ea1bb2d7997bfae1ca70b47763c73298a crc:629c9a28
1342.prom-u10 with 2048kb
sha1:80c5da44b5d2a7d97c7ba0067f773eb645a9d432 crc:643df651
1343.prom-u11 with 2048kb
sha1:ee2cd752b99ebd522eccf5e71d02c31479acfdf5 crc:d29d70d2
1344.prom-u12 with 2048kb
sha1:7e805573aeed01e3d4ed477870800dd7ecad7a1b crc:c5e153a3
1345.prom-u13 with 2048kb
sha1:ee1ae2b424c38b40d2cbeda4aba3328e6d3f9c81 crc:40597a92
969.cpu-u25 with 2048kb
sha1:2a082be4052b5d8f365abd0a51ea805d270d1189 crc:411207f2
pr-82.cpu-u15 with 32kb
sha1:49dbcbb607079a182d7eb396c0da097166ea91c9 crc:c609b79e
s-c.xyt-u39 with 1024kb
sha1:61f43126fdcfc230638ed47085ae037a098e6781 crc:56484d19
Mameinfo.dat entry:
0.37b10 [Yochizo]


- 0.147u2: hap fixed clone Omega Fighter Special. The game fails to boot or finish post. After showing bad rom errors, the game resets.

- 0.147u1: Fixed maincpu rom loading.

- 0.122u7: Fixed gfx1/2/3/4/5 rom loading.

- 0.89u3: Changed Z80 CPU2 clock speed to 5MHz.

- 0.37b10: Yochizo added 'Omega Fighter' (UPL 1989) and clone Omega Fighter Special.

- 21st November 2000: Yochizo fixed some graphics bugs in the Omega Fighter / Atomic Robo-kid driver.

- 8th November 2000: Yochizo sent in a driver for Omega Fighter and Atomic Robo-kid.

- 25th April 1999: Dumped Omega Fighter Special.

LEVELS: 8 (restarts once)

Other Emulators:

* FB Alpha


* Raine

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Mars Matrix: Hyper Solid Shooting

Romset: 2016 kb / 8 files / 457.8 zip

Credits Mameinfo and Mametesters Project Robert J. Rabgno et al.
History.dat entry:
Eliminator (c) 1981 Gremlin.

Eliminator is the title of Gremlin Industries' last arcade game, released in 1981 and licensed to Sega for Japanese manufacture and distribution, It was also the only vector game Gremlin ever made, and ran on their distributing company's G80 Vector hardware which they had previously released their own Space Fury on. Additionally, Eliminator is also the only four-player vector game ever made.

It is a multi-directional shooter in which players must use four buttons to take control of their ship: two to make them rotate left and right, and two more to make them fire and accelerate. Players pilot a space ship around the playfield and must destroy alien drones. The ultimate goal is to evade and destroy the Eliminator, a huge asteroid base. The players fire causes any enemy that is struck (with the exception of the Eliminator itself) to rebound and careen off in another direction.

There is only one way to destroy the Eliminator, fire a cannon blast down the trench into its center. This can be done directly or via a ricochet. Failure to destroy the Eliminator after a preset time causes the center to activate a drone that flies out of the Eliminator to shoot down the player with a destructive energy blast. The playfield becomes enclosed in an invisible barrier that bounces shots and ships off it, thus increasing the chances of death. Once the Eliminator is destroyed, the game restarts with a tougher set of enemies. The four player version allowed four players to simultaneously make attack runs on the Eliminator while trying to evade or destroy various other opponents. In four player mode, players must also dodge other player's ships.


[Upright 2-Player model]

Sega G80 Vector hardware

Main CPU : Zilog Z80 (@ 4 Mhz)
Sound Chips : Discrete circuitry

Screen orientation : Horizontal
Video resolution : 224 x 256 pixels
Screen refresh : 40.00 Hz
Palette colors : 256

Players : 2
Control : 4 buttons


Eliminator was released in Japan in December 1981 and in North America in April 1982.

Also released as :
"Eliminator [Cocktail 2-Player model]"
"Eliminator [4-Player model]".


There are two '2-player' revisions of this game:

* Set 2 : The oldest version of eliminator had small, fast and accurate firing drones. There was a 'counter' for each player that counted down from 30. The screen text is green. purple.

* Set 1 : The latest version is the most commonly found version. In this version, the drones are more colorful, larger and dumb. There are no counters, just a score for each player. The screen text is green.


Designed and programmed by : Larry Clague, Mike Hendricks


* Handhelds :
Sony PSP [US] (November 16, 2006) as an unlockable extra in "Sega Genesis Collection [Model ULUS-10192]"
Sony PSP [EU] (February 2, 2007) as an unlockable extra in "Sega Mega Drive Collection [Model ULES-00556]"
Sony PSP [AU] (February 8, 2007) as an unlockable extra in "Sega Mega Drive Collection [Model ULES-00556]"


Edit this entry:

Licensed from Alexis Bousiges under a CC Attribution 3.0 License
cheat.dat entry:
20800000 3D78 000000C3 FFFFFFFF Normal Invincibility Enable this with Bounce Invincibility cheat(s) for total Invincibility
20810000 3DDD 000000C9 FFFFFFFF Normal Invincibility (2/2) Pt 1 Large Asteroid, Pt 2 the Red Ship
00000000 CA84 00000008 FFFFFFFF Red Ship Never Escapes
00000000 C997 00000099 FFFFFFFF Infinite Lives PL1
20800000 47A7 000000C3 FFFFFFFF Bounce Invincibility PL1 This means the other spaceship can't bounce you around the screen by shooting you whether it is PL2 or the CPU
00000000 C998 00000099 FFFFFFFF Infinite Lives PL2
20800000 47C8 000000C3 FFFFFFFF Bounce Invincibility PL2 This means the other spaceship can't bounce you around the screen by shooting you whether it is PL1 or the CPU

Credit Pugsy's MAME Cheat file