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Platform: Neo Geo MVS

The King of Fighters '94

| 1994

Release type:
Units produced: SNK
Controls/Input Device: Control(joy8way), Buttons(4)
Number of Players: 2
More Creator:
More Coder/Software:
License from/Copyright:
SoundMix: Stereo
More Graphics/Artwork:
More Music/Sound:
Acting Talent involved:
More Machine Details:
More System Details:
Game Awards Nominations:
Game Awards Won:
Title a.k.a.:
Avg. Playtime:
Similar Games:
MAME folder name: kof94

Display: raster 320x224 @ 59.19Hz (59.19 pixclock)
Sound: 2 channels

Emulated in MAME via driver neodrvr.c:
Status: good; Emulation: good
Graphic: good; Sound: good; Color: good
Palette size: 0; Savestate: unsupported

000-lo.lo with 131072kb
sha1:5992277debadeb64d1c1c64b0a92d9293eaf7e4a crc:5a86cff2
055-c1.bin with 2097152kb
sha1:e52f5303c17b50ce165c008be2837336369c110b crc:b96ef460
055-c2.bin with 2097152kb
sha1:237c2a3d059de00bfca66e0016ed325d7a32bfec crc:15e096a7
055-c3.bin with 2097152kb
sha1:c594384bcd8b03beb8c595591505fecc44b185ac crc:54f66254
055-c4.bin with 2097152kb
sha1:ec1fdcc944611408367bf5023d4ebe7edd9dfa88 crc:0b01765f
055-c5.bin with 2097152kb
sha1:8a5621c1b1f8267b9b9b6a14ab4944de542e1945 crc:ee759363
055-c6.bin with 2097152kb
sha1:1e6e6202ee053a5261db889177ce3a087e078bda crc:498da52c
055-c7.bin with 2097152kb
sha1:ac91a0eab0753bee175ad40213a4ae5d38ed5b87 crc:62f66888
055-c8.bin with 2097152kb
sha1:a45c66836e4e3c77dfef9d4c6cc422cb59169149 crc:fe0a235d
055-m1.bin with 131072kb
sha1:292a3e3a4918ffe72bd1c41acb927b91844e035e crc:f6e77cf5
055-p1.bin with 2097152kb
sha1:d08a3f3c28be4b1793de7d362456281329fe1828 crc:f10a2042
055-s1.bin with 131072kb
sha1:cb6a70bdd95d449d25196ca269b621c362db6743 crc:825976c1
055-v1.bin with 2097152kb
sha1:c9ce713b720511438dbd3fe3bcc7c246f475c6a2 crc:8889596d
055-v2.bin with 2097152kb
sha1:2b040a831c3c92ac6e4719de38009a0d55b64f6b crc:25022b27
055-v3.bin with 2097152kb
sha1:34a31a37eb10945b5169e96321bcea06eec33a00 crc:83cf32c0
asia-s3.rom with 131072kb
sha1:720a3e20d26818632aedf2c2fd16c54f213543e1 crc:91b64be3
sfix.sfix with 131072kb
sha1:fd4a618cdcdbf849374f0a50dd8efe9dbab706c3 crc:c2ea0cfd
sm1.sm1 with 131072kb
sha1:42f9d7ddd6c0931fd64226a60dc73602b2819dcf crc:94416d67
sp-e.sp1 with 131072kb
sha1:5dbff7531cf04886cde3ef022fb5ca687573dcb8 crc:2723a5b5
sp-j2.rom with 131072kb
sha1:b6f97acd282fd7e94d9426078a90f059b5e9dd91 crc:acede59c
sp-s.sp1 with 131072kb
sha1:09576ff20b4d6b365e78e6a5698ea450262697cd crc:c7f2fa45
sp-s2.sp1 with 131072kb
sha1:4f5ed7105b7128794654ce82b51723e16e389543 crc:9036d879
sp1.jipan.1024 with 131072kb
sha1:18a987ce2229df79a8cf6a84f968f0e42ce4e59d crc:9fb0abe4
uni-bios_1_0.rom with 131072kb
sha1:3b4c0cd26c176fc6b26c3a2f95143dd478f6abf9 crc:0ce453a0
uni-bios_1_1.rom with 131072kb
sha1:4153d533c02926a2577e49c32657214781ff29b7 crc:5dda0d84
uni-bios_1_2.rom with 131072kb
sha1:682e13ec1c42beaa2d04473967840c88fd52c75a crc:4fa698e9
uni-bios_1_2o.rom with 131072kb
sha1:af88ef837f44a3af2d7144bb46a37c8512b67770 crc:e19d3ce9
uni-bios_1_3.rom with 131072kb
sha1:eca8851d30557b97c309a0d9f4a9d20e5b14af4e crc:b24b44a0
uni-bios_2_0.rom with 131072kb
sha1:37bcd4d30f3892078b46841d895a6eff16dc921e crc:0c12c2ad
uni-bios_2_1.rom with 131072kb
sha1:c23732c4491d966cf0373c65c83c7a4e88f0082c crc:8dabf76b
uni-bios_2_2.rom with 131072kb
sha1:5241a4fb0c63b1a23fd1da8efa9c9a9bd3b4279c crc:2d50996a
uni-bios_2_3.rom with 131072kb
sha1:5b02900a3ccf3df168bdcfc98458136fd2b92ac0 crc:27664eb5
uni-bios_2_3o.rom with 131072kb
sha1:1b8a72c720cdb5ee3f1d735bbcf447b09204b8d9 crc:601720ae
usa_2slt.bin with 131072kb
sha1:5c6bba07d2ec8ac95776aa3511109f5e1e2e92eb crc:e72943de
vs-bios.rom with 131072kb
sha1:ecf01eda815909f1facec62abf3594eaa8d11075 crc:f0e8f27d
Mameinfo.dat entry:
0.37b10 [Yochizo]


- 0.147u2: hap fixed clone Omega Fighter Special. The game fails to boot or finish post. After showing bad rom errors, the game resets.

- 0.147u1: Fixed maincpu rom loading.

- 0.122u7: Fixed gfx1/2/3/4/5 rom loading.

- 0.89u3: Changed Z80 CPU2 clock speed to 5MHz.

- 0.37b10: Yochizo added 'Omega Fighter' (UPL 1989) and clone Omega Fighter Special.

- 21st November 2000: Yochizo fixed some graphics bugs in the Omega Fighter / Atomic Robo-kid driver.

- 8th November 2000: Yochizo sent in a driver for Omega Fighter and Atomic Robo-kid.

- 25th April 1999: Dumped Omega Fighter Special.

LEVELS: 8 (restarts once)

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* Raine

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Mars Matrix: Hyper Solid Shooting

Romset: 2016 kb / 8 files / 457.8 zip

Credits Mameinfo and Mametesters Project Robert J. Rabgno et al.
History.dat entry:
The King of Fighters '94 (c) 1994 SNK.

24 selectable characters in fixed teams of three clash to defeat Rugal Bernstein.


Runs on the SNK "Neo-Geo MVS" hardware.
Game ID : NGM-055

[SNK MVS Neo-Geo Controls]
2 players - 4 buttons per player.
[JOYSTICK] 8-way, [A] Light punch, [B] Light kick, [C] Strong punch, [D] Strong kick


Released in August 1994.

The King of Fighters (or KOF for short) revolutionized the fighter genre with the introduction of 3 member team fighting called the 'team battle system', and by combining elements of two of SNK's existing fighting game in "Fatal Fury - King of Fighters" and "Art of Fighting", as well as bringing back characters from games predating the MVS in "Ikari Warriors" and "Psycho Soldier". A new game in the series is produced every year.

At the demo previous to the first Rugal encounter, Rugal shows your team the statues he has gathered by turning his opponents into them. One of the statues is of a guy that looks a lot like Capcom's Guile making a Sonic Boom. Capcom later confirmed that it was indeed Guile's statue in "Capcom Vs. SNK - Millenium Fight 2000". When Guile fights Rugal that statue is shown and later destroyed by Guile.

Kyo Kusanagi : Since Kyo was created as a snazzy character capable of holding his own against the main characters of "Fatal Fury - King of Fighters" and "Art of Fighting", coming up with the right design was quite a lengthy undertaking. Kyo's personality remained a mystery until the final stages of development. Originally, he was to be called 'Sho Kirishima', but during the latter stages of development, his designers decided on the name of Kyo Kusanagi, and Sho got a rapid name change. The setting for the Orochi Saga, in which we learn that Kyo's ancestors defeated the Orochi of the Yamata, began with this game.

Benimaru Nikaido : This character was loosely based on a comic book character (Jean-Pierre Polnaref from "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure"), and even after the name of Benimaru was decided on, game developers gave the poor guy an identity crisis by continuing to call him by the comic book character's name. The voice for this character, too, had a peculiar bent to it, and when Benimaru's designer heard his creation's victory line of 'Thank you' recited for the first time, rumor has it that he couldn't work for days after : the reading had nothing to do with the character's original image. His speech patterns have led some to question Benimaru's preferences as far as certain lifestyles are concerned.

Goro Daimon : This character comes from the designers' desire to create a judo athlete who uses dynamic body tosses. His initial designs incurred the criticism of some fellow designers who were of the opinion that it was just plain loopy for Daimon to fight wearing Japanese geta (wooden clogs), but Goro's creators were adamant and he kept his footwear. The suggestions for his laconic victory lines and the sound of an explosion when Goro is victorious also stuck.

Terry Bogard : When the concept for KOF was first formulated, Terry was tacked on to the roster as an afterthought, but his popularity skyrocketed! He became the character who got the designers' utmost attention, and they fretted over various aspects of his character. In the first KOF, Terry became the powerhouse, getting a super punch cancel move added to his arsenal and becoming the fearsome character he is today.

Andy Bogard : Compared to Andy's original form ("Fatal Fury - King of Fighters"), Andy changed little in his move to KOF, but what he got in return was the addition of his Ultra Disruptor move to his arsenal of moves. When first added, it boasted overwhelming power : it was easy to use, never missed, trumped other moves, and annihilated all opponents.

Joe Higashi : Joe is a character who underwent a major image makeover from his transition from "Fatal Fury - King of Fighters". The victory pose of KOF '94 initially lacked the toothy smile we're familiar with now. It was quite a thorn in the side that we felt inappropriate for Joe's legion of fans. So, in rethinking the original design, we added the pearly whites that makes Joe to loveable character he is today.

Ryo Sakazaki : Ryo (as can be said of all characters from "Art of Fighting") has so many Special Moves that it seems almost unfair to the other characters, and in the designing stage, the Art of Fighting team tended to be the strongest. The designers focused on adjusting this imbalance without taking out any moves, but in the end Ryo and his team remain the toughest competitors.

Robert Garcia : Overall, KOF's characters are fit and trim, but compared to their original concepts, Robert is the slimmest of them all. Matched up against Kensou, he chide his adversary in Japanese with an Osaka accent, allowing players to enjoy the amusing word play that Osaka comedians are known for.

Takuma Sakazaki : Since the Takuma of "Art of Fighting 2" closely resembled Daimon, he received a karate tunic in his ensemble to set him apart and that's why he looks the way he does today. He originally had a combo attack after the 'Super Shrike Gale' move that appeared to be a glitch. Hence, during game development, this move was taken out, but the game designers thought that he just wasn't Takuma without this move and it was put back in. The designers slightly regret their decision because Takuma's become quite a mean little bugger as a result.

Yuri Sakazaki : Yuri is a disciple of Kyokugen Karate but her appearances in the KOF series are frequently as a member of the women fighters' team. Originally in KOF '94 there was no such team and production began on King Billy Big Bear as the English team. But "Art of Fighting 2" was completed at that time and the designers pressed to put Yuri into KOF, replacing her with Big Bear, who was presenting various problems, for various reasons (hah, hah) concerning capacity. Enter Yuri, goodbye Billy! (A tragedy, we know) And so the originally planned team started life anew as the mighty women fighters' team.

Heidern : Heidern was devised as a cold-blooded killing machine when he first saw digital life, but as the KOF story unfolded, Heidern's designer identified with the character and provided him with a tragic past. When his super special moves were completed, the moves were so wild that game designers worried that he would have to be depicted as a sorcerer or an alien in order to explain his dazzling moves.

Ralf Jones : In the first stages of Ralf's development, he appeared shirtless to truly express the feeling of ikari or rage, but during the designing phase, someone felt his look was a bit dated and Ralf got the apparel he's now known and loved for. He originally had special moves that allowed him to use grenades, setting him apart from other team members, and a distinctive design, but his use of grenades in a fighting competition was deemed a bit unfair, so he lost that particular talent.

Clark Steel : At the beginning of development, the only differences in designs for Ralf and Clark was one had a hat and the other had a bandanna, but Clark later got a pair of sunglasses to become the character he is today. Clark basically looks a lot like Ralf, but since the designer in charge of adjusting this character worked on his hit accuracy, action speed and attack strength, their combat style is where the true differences between the two can be found.

Athena Asamiya : Given that Athena is always the most highly anticipated character of the series, the pressure to keep her on the roster at any cost is pretty overwhelming. And because SNK staff focuses so much on her, SNK have been accused of favoritism. Japanese fans asked SNK to dress her in a sailor blouse and skirt, but we scrubbed that idea because SNK felt it wouldn't translate overseas and be a bit too risque. But SNK made up for that omission with her wild entrance actions (Hubba! Hubba!).

Sie Kensou : Compared with Athena, Kensou's design has been a bit slapdash. In the previous title, Athena stole the show and since we felt Kensou was a bit too overshadowed by her, SNK gave him a radically new look to appeal to our female fans. We're often asked about Kensou's use of Japanese with an Osaka accent in the game, but he's always done that since his Psycho Soldier days. In other words, he's been doing it far longer than Robert has.

Chin Gentsai : When SNK first decided to try our hands at a fighting game, SNK felt we just had to have a geezer who used the Drunken Fist form of martial arts. Getting the OK, SNK introduced this character as Athena's teacher. As we aimed to create a genuine Drunken Fist master, SNK thought it would be hard to get the right touch, but since designer was good at drawing old guys, the finished product far exceeded original expectations. Unfortunately for the designer, he was unable to shake this habit and all of his subsequent characters tended to look like spry old men.

Mai Shiranui : Regarding Mai's familiar pause action... One day, the designer for Mai asked if it was all right to increase Mai's pause actions, and because the powers that be thought there was enough remaining memory for the game (actually there wasn't) they said, 'Go for it'. When the completed pose was presented, it knocked people flat. Due to this pose's potency, however, Mai's eye-popping motions were stilled in the KOF '94 international home version.

King : As far as King's super special moves go, there were various reasons why the 'Surprise Rose' was initially scheduled to be scrapped. Just when the development staff was worrying about coming up with a move that was something different, though, King's designer whipped this move up, it was well received, and it became her super special move, with no alterations needed.

Heavy D! : Since there has been a number of boxers in fighting games, Heavy D! was designed with the intent to create a different type of pugilist. When he first appeared on the drawing board, D! was not intended to be that big a character, but as he evolved and stood among the other characters it became apparent that he was one huge dude. ...Due to certain production circumstances, however, D! kept his imposing stature and came to be the character he is today.

Lucky Glauber : Known as the basketball fighter, Lucky's original image was based on the character appearing in the Bruce Lee movie, 'Game of Death'. Though originally created with that image in mind, his first design was deemed too plain and he then received his current look. His ability to use karate, though, is a remnant of his original conception.

Brian Battler : Brian came into being well before the KOF project came down the pike, and he's one of the oldest characters. He originally wore a helmet and chest pad, but he shed that equipment to arrive at his current design.

Kim Kaphwan : At first, the duo of Chang and Choi were set to team with another vicious criminal to form the Fugitive Team, but due to certain circumstances the third criminal was replaced with Kim and the familiar team came into being. The addition of Kim was considered somewhat forced, however, so Kim received the mission of rehabilitating the two.

Chang Koehan : Chang was originally far more violent than he is today, but once he teamed up with Kim, he became mellowed a bit. Chang's super special move, the Wild Ball, was originally designed as a test move, but it got such a good response that it was put into the game without alteration. This move is a pastiche of Kim's Phoenix Kick.

Choi Bounce : Choi is KOF's mighty novelty character. His original design looked way too much like a certain someone, so he was hastily given a new look a month before the final character designs had to be completed, giving Choi's designers one major headache. The first time Choi displayed his attacking and retreating moves and rolled around the screen, he revealed not only his fighting abilities but his talent for physical comedy.

An interesting thing about Chang and Choi : Chang was the tallest and heaviest KOF character, while Choi was the lightest and shortest. The duo is very popular in Japan, but hated by American fans. Because of their size differences, they have made a (quite) comedic couple, making the Korean team (or the Kim team) the comedy-relief team of KOF.

Rugal Bernstein : The concept for this character at the time was to make the mightiest (most violent) and most evil boss character ever. As everyone knows, Rugal is the King of Bosses who boasts the most appearances in the KOF series as a boss character, but even considering the whole genre known as 'competitive fighting games', his story and moves have changed ever so gradually while appearing in so many titles, he's one of the few bosses to have been loved (heh, heh) over such a long period.

Ralph and Clark are playable characters in the Foma 90x Series Mobile Phones game 'Metal Slug Survivors'.

Brazil Stage's background music (Jungle Bouncer) samples "Surprise! You're Dead!", a song from Faith No More.

The background music from USA Stage (Slum No. 5), Japan Stage (Esaka) and the 2nd Rugal Stage (Showdown R & D) all contain voice samples from "Gutfest '89", a song from Digital Underground.

Pony Canyon / Scitron released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (The King of Fighters '94 - PCCB-00162) on 21/10/1994.


* Select Victory Pose : Press a Punch or Kick button immediately after winning a match.

* Critical Hit Oddity : A critical hit is an attack done at the opponent while he/she is attacking. In this game there is a bug that enables either the CPU or the player to take out insane amounts of damage if this is done right. An easy-to-do example is to counter Kim's Hisho-Kyaku with Heidern's Moon Cutter (you must hit Kim's legs with Heidern's hand), if done right you'll take 80-90% off Kim's life-bar in one hit! Try it with other characters and be amazed (This does not work in any other game in the KOF series, though!). :)

* Beat the game without continuing to see all the characters grouped together on the The End screen.


1. The King of Fighters '94 [Model NGM-055] (1994, Arcade)
2. The King of Fighters '95 [Model NGM-084] (1995, Arcade)
3. The King of Fighters '96 [Model NGM-214] (1996, Arcade)
4. The King of Fighters '97 [Model NGM-232] (1997, Arcade)
5. The King of Fighters '98 - The Slugfest [Model NGM-242] (1998, Arcade)
6. The King of Fighters '99 - Millennium Battle [Model NGM-251] (1999, Arcade)
7. The King of Fighters 2000 [Model NGM-257] (2000, Arcade)
8. The King of Fighters 2001 [Model NGM-262] (2001, Arcade)
9. The King of Fighters 2002 - Challenge to Ultimate Battle [Model NGM-265] (2002, Arcade)
10. The King of Fighters 2003 [Model NGM-271] (2003, Arcade)
11. The King of Fighters NeoWave (2004, Arcade)
12. The King of Fighters Maximum Impact (2004, PS2)
13. The King of Fighters XI (2005, Arcade)
14. The King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2 [Model SLPS-25638] (2006, PS2)
15. The King of Fighters Maximum Impact - Regulation A (2007, Arcade)
16. The King of Fighters Maximum Impact - Regulation A2 (2008, Arcade)
17. The King of Fighters '98 - Ultimate Match (2008, Arcade)
18. The King of Fighters XII (2009, Arcade)
19. The King of Fighters XIII (2010, Arcade)
20. The King of Fighters XIII Climax (2012, Arcade)


Executive producer : Eikichi Kawasaki
Producer : Takashi Nishiyama
Chief director : M. Kuwasashi
Sub director : Haruo Tomita, Yosisi Hashimoto
System director : Toyochan
System editor : Khozoh Nagashima (as K. -Mac- Nagashima)
Graphic director : Mitsuo Kodama
Front designers : Yoshiko Kubo, Tatsuya Shinkai, Koji Hamada, Tatsuru Murakemi, Peach Hagihara, Mai-Yamasaki, Nobunaga Mikan, Morioka Shinichi, Akihiko Nasu, Miki Asakura, Jetta, Yuichirow Hiraki, Yoshiko Ogata, Masa Sato, Kazuhiro Toba, Yujirou Hayami, Miho Uematsu, Akiko Yukawa
Back designers : Kenta-Ro, Tsugumi Maeda, Hirolin hajime, Sahori Etoh, Eri Kohjitani, Kaori Kusunoki
Programmers : Shinchan (as 'Shinchan-Gts'), S. Fujinuki
Sound : Masahiko Hataya (Papaya), Brother Hige, Pearl Sibakiti, Ackey

* Voice Actors :
Terry Bogard : Satoshi Hashimoto
Andy Bogard : Jun Hashimoto
Joe Higashi : Katsuhisa Namase
Athena Asamiya : Reiko Fukui
Sie Kensou : Eiji Yano
Brian Battler : Eiji Yano
Chin Gentsai : Toshikazu Nishimura
Kyo Kusanagi : Masahiro Nonaka
Benimaru Nikaido : Monster Maetsuka
Choi Bounce : Monster Maetsuka
Ralf Jones : Monster Maetsuka
Goro Daimon : Masaki Usui
Ryo Sakazaki : Masaki Usui
Heavy D! : Toshikazu Nishimura
Lucky Glauber : Kazuhiro Inage (Key Inage)
Robert Garcia : Kazuhiro Inage (Key Inage)
Kim Kaphwan : Satoshi Hashimoto
Chang Koehan : Hiroyuki Arita
Heidern : Toshimitsu Arai
Clark Steel : Yoshinori Shima
Mai Shiranui : Akoya Sogi
King : Harumi Ikoma
Yuri Sakazaki : Kaori Horie
Takuma Sakazaki : Eiji Tsuda
Rugal Bernstein : Toshimitsu Arai

Special thanks : Y. Tozono, Hiroto Ikuta, Mitsuru, Shinsuke, Takayuki Mizono, Souji Takamori, Kentarou Isomura, Hiroto Kittaka, Masa Naganuma, Hideki G. Smith, Y.Gushiken,
Secret A., Ossan Kick S.O, M. Yamamoto, Hangyojin-F, Omega 1, Omega 2, Omega 3, Kiritao, Mermaid Blue, Kanitaro, Omega Z


* Consoles :
SNK Neo-Geo [JP] (Oct. 01, 1994; "The King of Fighters '94 [Model NGH-055]")
SNK Neo-Geo [US] (Oct. 01, 1994; "The King of Fighters '94 [Model NGH-055]")
SNK Neo-Geo CD [JP] (Nov. 2, 1994; "The King of Fighters '94 [Model NGCD-055]")
SNK Neo-Geo CD [US] (???. ?, 1994; "The King of Fighters '94 [Model NGCD-055E]")
Sony PlayStation 2 [JP] (Dec. 28, 2004; "The King of Fighters '94 Re-Bout [Model SLPS-25448]")
Sony PlayStation 2 [JP] (Dec. 28, 2004; "The King of Fighters '94 Re-Bout [Model SLPS-25449]")
Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] [JP] (Nov. 06, 2007; "The King of Fighters '94 [Model EAGJ]")
Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] [EU] (Nov. 23, 2007; "The King of Fighters '94 [Model EAGP]")
Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] [US] (Jan. 07, 2008; "The King of Fighters '94 [Model EAGE]")
Sony PlayStation 2 [US] May 05, 2008 "SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1 [Model SLUS-21724]"
Sony PSP [US] May 05, 2008 "SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1 [Model ULUS-10338]"
Sony PlayStation 2 [KO] May 29, 2008 "SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1 [Model SLKA-25424]"
Nintendo Wii [US] July 29, 2008 "SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1 [Model RVL-P-RNCE]"
Nintendo Wii (Oct.2008, "The King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga")
Sony PlayStation 2 (Oct.2008, "The King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga")
Sony PSP (Oct.2008, "The King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga")
Sony PSP [EU] Oct. 17, 2008 "SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1 [Model ULES-01105]"
Nintendo Wii [EU] Oct. 31, 2008 "SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1 [Model RVL-P-RJZP]"
Sony PlayStation 2 [EU] Nov. 21, 2008 "SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1 [Model SLES-55232]"
Sony PSP [JP] May. 21, 2009 "SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1 [Model ULJS-193]"
Sony PlayStation Store (Dec.2010)


Edit this entry: http://www.arcade-history.com/?&page=detail&id=1285&o=2

Licensed from Alexis Bousiges under a CC Attribution 3.0 License
cheat.dat entry:
00000042 10882E 00000060 FFFFFFFF Infinite Time
00000001 10882E 00000000 FFFFFFFF Finish Round Now!
62000000 000000 00000000 00000000 Select Mai's Boobs
00010000 10C6E2 00000000 FFFFFFFF Always Bounce
00010000 10C6E2 00000001 FFFFFFFF Never Bounce
20800000 004C24 00000060 FFFFFFFF Always Enable Special Move It is enabled even with maximum energy and no power.
20810000 00B1BE 00000060 FFFFFFFF Always Enable Special Move (2/4)
20810000 00B1EA 00000060 FFFFFFFF Always Enable Special Move (3/4)
20810000 00B22E 00000060 FFFFFFFF Always Enable Special Move (4/4)
20B00000 002B5E 4EB9000F FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code]
20910000 002B62 0000F040 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (02/47) [ Direct Attack or Firearm ]
20B10000 0FF040 660C4A2E FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (03/47) 02B5E - jsr $ff044.l / FF040 - bne $ff04e
20B10000 0FF044 01F06606 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (04/47) FF042 - tst.b ($1f0,A6) [Check Invincibility flag]
20B10000 0FF048 2C6D0792 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (05/47) FF046 - bne $ff04e / FF048 - movea.l ($792,A5),A6
20B10000 0FF04C 4E75046F FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (06/47) FF04C - rts
20B10000 0FF050 00760002 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (07/47) FF04E - subi.w #$76,($2,A7) [change return address to $2aee]
20910000 0FF054 00004E75 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (08/47) FF054 - rts
20B10000 00A3BE 4EB9000F FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (09/47) [ Catch or Throw ]
20910000 00A3C2 0000F056 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (10/47) 0A3C2 - jsr $ff056.l
20B10000 0FF056 48411210 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (11/47) FF056 - swap D1 / FF058 - move.b (A0),D1
20B10000 0FF05A 4A2B01F0 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (12/47) FF05A - tst.b ($1f0,A3) / FF05E - bne $ff064
20B10000 0FF05E 6604C207 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (13/47) FF060 - and.b D7,D1
20B10000 0FF062 4E75323C FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (14/47) FF062 - rts
20B10000 0FF066 00004E75 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (15/47) FF064 - move.w #$0,D1 / FF068 - rts
20B10000 00DD72 4EB9000F FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (16/47) [ Storm Bringer (Heidern) - Call check routine ]
20B10000 00DD76 F06A4E71 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (17/47) 0DD76 - jsr $ff06a.l / nop
20B10000 00F548 4EB9000F FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (18/47) [ Super Argentine Back Breaker (Ralf) - Call check routine ]
20B10000 00F54C F06A4E71 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (19/47) 0F54C - jsr $ff06a.l / nop
20B10000 010736 4EB9000F FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (20/47) [ Super Argentine Back Breaker (Clark) - Call check routine ]
20B10000 01073A F06A4E71 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (21/47) 10736 - jsr $ff06a.l / nop
20B10000 010F94 4EB9000F FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (22/47) [ Ultra Argentine Back Breaker (Clark) - Call check routine ]
20B10000 010F98 F06A4E71 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (23/47) 10F94 - jsr $ff06a.l / nop
20B10000 0188D2 4EB9000F FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (24/47) [ Chou-Oosotogari (Daimon) - Call check routine ]
20B10000 0188D6 F06A4E71 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (25/47) 19F00 - jsr $ff06a.l / nop
20B10000 019590 4EB9000F FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (26/47) [ Tenchi Gaeshi (Daimon) - Call check routine ]
20B10000 019594 F06A4E71 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (27/47) 19590 - jsr $ff06a.l / nop
20B10000 019F00 4EB9000F FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (28/47) [ Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi (Daimon) - Call check routine ]
20B10000 019F04 F06A4E71 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (29/47) 19F00 - jsr $ff06a.l / nop
20B10000 029174 4EB9000F FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (30/47) [ Syouran Kyaku (Takuma) - Call check routine ]
20B10000 029178 F06A4E71 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (31/47) 0F54C - jsr $ff06a.l / nop
20B10000 02AD22 4EB9000F FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (32/47) [ Hyakuretsu Binta (Yuri) - Call check routine ]
20B10000 02AD26 F06A4E71 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (33/47) 2AD22 - jsr $ff06a.l / nop
20B10000 0FF06A 4A2B01F0 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (34/47) [ Check routine for the above (special) throw moves ]
20910000 0FF06E 0000660A FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (35/47) FF06A - tst.b ($1f0,A3) / FF06E - bne $ff07a
20B10000 0FF070 302C0018 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (36/47) FF070 - move.w ($18,A4),D0
20B10000 0FF074 906B0018 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (37/47) FF074 - sub.w ($18,A3),D0
20910000 0FF078 00004E75 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (38/47) FF078 - rts
20B10000 0FF07A 707F4E75 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (39/47) FF07A - moveq #$7f,D0 / FF07C - rts
20B10000 01874A 4EB9000F FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (40/47) [ Jiraishin (Daimon) ]
20B10000 01874E F07E4E71 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (41/47) 1874A - jsr $ff07e.l / nop
20B10000 0FF07E 4A2B01F0 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (42/47) FF07E - tst.b ($1f0,A3)
20910000 0FF082 0000660A FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (43/47) FF082 - bne $ff08e
20B10000 0FF084 302B00E0 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (44/47) FF084 - move.w ($e0,A3),D0
20B10000 0FF088 08000000 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (45/47) FF088 - btst #0,D0
20910000 0FF08C 00004E75 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (46/47) FF08C - rts
20B10000 0FF08E 707F4E75 FFFFFFFF Invincibility [Master Code] (47/47) FF08E - moveq ##$7f,D0 / rts
60000000 000000 00000000 00000000
00000000 108221 000000CF FFFFFFFF Infinite Energy PL1
00000001 108221 00000000 FFFFFFFF Drain all Energy Now! PL1
00000000 108219 0000007F FFFFFFFF Always have Max POW PL1
00000001 108219 0000007F FFFFFFFF Get Max POW Now! PL1
00800000 1082F0 00000001 FFFFFFFF Invincibility PL1 Works after you've enabled 'Invincibility [Master Code]'
00000001 108231 00000008 FFFFFFFF Play with Rugal PL1 Use these on the character selection screen
60000000 000000 00000000 00000000
00000000 108421 000000CF FFFFFFFF Infinite Energy PL2
00000001 108421 00000000 FFFFFFFF Drain all Energy Now! PL2
00000000 108419 0000007F FFFFFFFF Always have Max POW PL2
00000001 108419 0000007F FFFFFFFF Get Max POW Now! PL2
00800000 1084F0 00000001 FFFFFFFF Invincibility PL2 Works after you've enabled 'Invincibility [Master Code]'
00000001 108431 00000008 FFFFFFFF Play with Rugal PL2 Use these on the character selection screen
60000000 000000 00000000 00000000
62000000 000000 00000000 00000000 Select Cartridge/NeoGeo Type Enable it DURING the neogeo bios booting sequence. If you miss the boot sequence reset and THEN enable it. The Home (NEOGEO) setting may open up other aspects of the game or it may even make the game unplayable.
00010000 10FD82 00000080 FFFFFFFF Arcade (MVS)
00010000 10FD82 00000000 FFFFFFFF Home (NEOGEO)

Credit Pugsy's MAME Cheat file