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Space Harrier


Space Harrier

| 1985

Release type:
Developer: Sega
Controls/Input Device: Control(stick), Buttons(3)
Number of Players: 2
More Creator:
More Coder/Software:
License from/Copyright:
SoundMix: Stereo
More Graphics/Artwork:
More Music/Sound:
Acting Talent involved:
More Machine Details:
More System Details:
Game Awards Nominations:
Game Awards Won:
Title a.k.a.:
Avg. Playtime:
Mameinfo.dat entry:
0.37b10 [Yochizo]


- 0.147u2: hap fixed clone Omega Fighter Special. The game fails to boot or finish post. After showing bad rom errors, the game resets.

- 0.147u1: Fixed maincpu rom loading.

- 0.122u7: Fixed gfx1/2/3/4/5 rom loading.

- 0.89u3: Changed Z80 CPU2 clock speed to 5MHz.

- 0.37b10: Yochizo added 'Omega Fighter' (UPL 1989) and clone Omega Fighter Special.

- 21st November 2000: Yochizo fixed some graphics bugs in the Omega Fighter / Atomic Robo-kid driver.

- 8th November 2000: Yochizo sent in a driver for Omega Fighter and Atomic Robo-kid.

- 25th April 1999: Dumped Omega Fighter Special.

LEVELS: 8 (restarts once)

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* Raine

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Mars Matrix: Hyper Solid Shooting

Romset: 2016 kb / 8 files / 457.8 zip

Credits Mameinfo and Mametesters Project Robert J. Rabgno et al.
History.dat entry:
Space Harrier (c) 1985 Sega.

Space Harrier is a sprite-scaling 3D shoot-em-up set in the 'Fantasy Zone'; a surreal world composed of abstract structures and a checkerboard landscape. The game's enemies are as abstract as its setting; with creatures including prehistoric Mammoths, alien pods, giant mushrooms and, at the end of most stages, a huge, fireball-spitting Chinese Dragon.

The player's on-screen counterpart carries a portable jetpack under his arm which allows him to fly. The player can also run along the ground to avoid overhead structures and enemies.

In addition to its flight capability, the jetpack is also equipped with a laser, used to destroy both the game's many enemies as well as some (but not all) obstructions, such as the trees and floating rocks on the first stage.

Space Harrier has a total of 18 stages, each with a boss fight at the end. Three exceptions are the bonus stages (5th and 12th) and the 18th stage, which is a 'boss rush' featuring some of the bosses encountered up to that point.


[1] [Sit-Down model]

[2] [Rolling model]

[3] [Upright model]

Players : 1
Control : stick
Buttons : 3 (FIRE, FIRE, FIRE)


Space Harrier was released in October 1985 in Japan.

The pioneer 3-D shooting game realized by a high speed 3-D processing. The first full-color CG graphics in Japan and a beautiful BGM supported by a FM sound system that gave a great impact to the arcade scene in 1985.

[JP] Dec. ??, 1987 - Sega Taikan Game Special [28XA-198]
[JP] Oct. 17, 1997 - Yu-Suzuki produce Hang-On / Space Harrier [MJCAX-00001]

[JP] Jan. 10, 1989 - Space Harrier - White Dragon no Yuusha [Bouken Game Book]


There's an Easter egg which causes a credit from Yu Suzuki, as well as a build date, to appear on the screen. To trigger this text, at the start of a stage (before the stage name disappears), press Shot-3 six times, Start eight times, then Shot-3 again. Note that any misstep in this sequence will reset the whole process.


1. Space Harrier (1985)
2. Space Harrier 3D [Model G-1349] (1988, Sega Mark III)
3. Space Harrier II [Model G-4002] (1988, Sega Mega Drive)
4. Space Harrier - Return to the Fantasy Zone (1989, Commodore Amiga)
5. Planet Harriers (2001)


Designed by: Yu Suzuki (YU.)
From highscore table: (KAN), (KAW), Satoshi Mifune (BIN), (TUD), (NAG), (ASO)
Music by: Hiroshi Miyauchi


* Consoles :
Sega Mark III [JP] (December 21, 1986) "Space Harrier [Model G-1310]"
Sega Master System [US] (1987) "Space Harrier [Model 7001]"
Sega Master System [EU] (August 1987) "Space Harrier [Model 7080]"
NEC PC-Engine [JP] (December 9, 1988) "Space Harrier [Model H67G-1002]"
Nintendo Famicom [JP] (January 6, 1989) "Space Harrier [Model TFC-SO]"
NEC TurboGrafx-16 [US] (1990) "Space Harrier [Model TGX040025]"
Sega Genesis 32X [US] (1994) "Space Harrier [Model 84505]"
Sega Mega Drive 32X (1994) "Space Harrier [Model 84505-50]"
Sega Super 32X [JP] (December 3, 1994) "Space Harrier [Model GM-4005]"
Sega Saturn [JP] (July 19, 1996) "Space Harrier [Sega Ages] [Model GS-9108]"
Sega Saturn [JP] (July 19, 1996) "Space Harrier [Limited Special Set] [Model GS-9111]"
Sega Dreamcast [JP] (December 20, 2001) "Yu Suzuki Game Works Vol.1 [Model ASP001]"
Sony PlayStation 2 [JP] (September 25, 2003) "Space Harrier [Sega Ages 2500 Vol.4] [Model SLPM-62384]"
Sony PlayStation 2 [JP] (October 27, 2005) "Space Harrier II - Space Harrier Complete Collection [Sega Ages 2500 Vol.20] [Model SLPM-62691]"
Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console Arcade] [JP] [March 26, 2009)
Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console Arcade] [EU] (May 29, 2009)
Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console Arcade] [US] (June 15, 2009)
Microsoft XBOX 360 [US] (February 10, 2009) as an unlockable extra in "Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection [Model 60834]"
Sony PlayStation 3 [KO] (February 10, 2009) as an unlockable extra in "Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection" by SCEI
Sony PlayStation 3 [US] (February 10, 2009) as an unlockable extra in "Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection [Model BLUS-30259]"
Microsoft XBOX 360 [EU] (February 20, 2009) as an unlockable extra in "SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection [Model 384-40210]"
Sony PlayStation 3 [EU] [AU] (February 20, 2009) as an unlockable extra in "SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection [Model BLES-00475]"
Microsoft XBOX 360 [AU] (February 26, 2009) as an unlockable extra in "Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection"

* Handhelds :
Sega Game Gear [JP] (December 28, 1991) "Space Harrier [Model G-3212]"
Sega Game Gear [US] [EU] (1991) "Space Harrier [Model 2314]"
Nintendo 3DS [eShop] [JP] (December 26, 2012) "3D Space Harrier [Model CTR-JSHJ-JPN]"
Nintendo 3DS [eShop] [US] (November 28, 2013) "3D Space Harrier [Model CTR-JSHE-USA]"
Nintendo 3DS [eShop] [EU] (November 28, 2013) "3D Space Harrier [Model CTR-JSHP-EUR]"
Nintendo 3DS [eShop] [AU] (November 28, 2013) "3D Space Harrier [Model CTR-JSHP-AUS]"

* Computers :
Amstrad CPC [EU] (1986) "Space Harrier [Disc]"
Amstrad CPC [EU] (1986) "Space Harrier [Cassette]"
Sharp X68000 [JP] (September 1987) "Space Harrier [Model DP-3205003]"
Commodore C64 [US] [EU] (1987)
Fujitsu FM-7 [JP] (1987)
Fujitsu FM-77AV [JP] (1987)
Sinclair ZX Spectrum [EU] (1987)
Atari ST [US] [EU] (1988)
Commodore Amiga [US] [EU] (1989)
PC [MS-DOS, 5.25"] [US] (1989)
NEC PC 8801 [JP]
Sharp X1 [JP]

* Others :
Tiger Handheld LCD Game [US] (19??)
Mobile phones [US] (2002)


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Licensed from Alexis Bousiges under a CC Attribution 3.0 License
cheat.dat entry:
00000000 0404F0 00000099 FFFFFFFF Infinite Time
00000000 0404E1 0000000F FFFFFFFF Infinite Lives
00010000 0404E0 00000027 FFFFFFFF Infinite Lives (2/2)
00000000 1240DB 00000001 FFFFFFFF Invincibility

Credit Pugsy's MAME Cheat file

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