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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball Ak-Sar-Ben 1937-November
Pinball Aladdin's Castle 1976-June
Pinball Alamo 1936-May
Pinball Alarm 1958-July
Pinball Alaska 1978-May
Pinball Alert 1943-January
Pinball Algar 1980-September
Pinball Ali 1980-March
Pinball Ali Baba 1976-
Pinball Ali-Baba 1939-November
Pinball Ali-Baba 1948-June
Pinball Alice in Wonderland 1948-August
Pinball Alien Poker 1980-October
Pinball Alien Star 1984-June
Pinball Alive 1978-
Pinball All American 1940-October
Pinball All American 1934-August
Pinball All American Odd Ball 1988-April
Pinball All Out 1943-April
Pinball All Star Baseball 1954-February
Pinball All Star Baseball 1962-
Pinball All Stars 1936-April
Pinball All Stars 1972-January
Pinball All Stars 1935-January
Pinball All Stars 1947-August24
Pinball All Stars Baseball 1968-February
Pinball All-American 1933-February
Pinball All-American Quarterback 1949-October13
Pinball All-American Twin 1932-October
Pinball Alligator 1968-August8
Pinball All-Star Basketball 1952-January
Pinball Aloha 1961-November
Pinball Aloha 1949-January
Pinball Alpha 2001 1977-
Pinball Alpine Club 1965-February
Pinball Al's Garage Band goes on a World Tour 1992-December
Pinball Amazon Hunt 1983-September
Pinball Amazon Hunt II 1987-May
Pinball Ambassador 1936-
Pinball Ambassador 1933-February
Pinball Amber 1947-January8
Pinball American Beauty 1945-April
Pinball American Beauty 1934-February
Pinball American Beauty 1934-June
Pinball Amigo 1973-August30
Pinball Anabel 1940-November
Pinball Andromeda 1985-September
Pinball Angle Light 1935-June
Pinball Animated 1940-February
Pinball Antar 1979-November

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