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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball Atlantis 1989-April
Pinball Atlas 1959-April
Pinball Atlas 1934-June
Pinball Atleto 1991-
Pinball Attack 1980-October
Pinball Attack from Mars 1995-December
Pinball Attention 1940-November
Pinball Attention 1940-
Pinball Attila the Hun 1984-April
Pinball Aurora 1935-
Pinball Auroran 1937-December
Pinball Auto Derby 1937-June
Pinball Auto Race 1969-December
Pinball Auto Race 1956-September
Pinball Auto Winner 1935-March
Pinball Autobank 1934-February
Pinball Autocount 1933-November
Pinball Autodart 1935-February
Pinball Autoflash 1935-
Pinball Automat 1936-
Pinball Autowhirl 1934-February
Pinball Avalanche 1985-March
Pinball Avalon 1939-August
Pinball Aztec 1976-July

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