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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball Baby Doll 1975-
Pinball Baby Face 1948-December
Pinball Baby Grand Pin Game 1932-May
Pinball Baby Grand Roulette 1932-May
Pinball Baby In The Hole 1986-
Pinball Baby Leland 1933-December
Pinball Baby Lite-A-Line 1935-March
Pinball Baby Pac-Man 1982-October
Pinball Back to the Future 1990-June
Pinball Bad Cats 1989-November
Pinball Bad Girls 1988-November
Pinball Baffle Ball 1931-November
Pinball Baffle Ball 1931-November
Pinball Baffle Ball (Electric) 1935-October
Pinball Baffle Ball Sr. 1932-January
Pinball Baffle Card 1946-October
Pinball Bagdad 1932-November
Pinball Bahama Beach 1966-March18
Pinball Balance 1935-September
Pinball Bali 1974-July19
Pinball Bali-Hi 1970-September14
Pinball Ball Fan 1937-July
Pinball Ball Fan 1935-June
Pinball Ball Park 1960-February25
Pinball Ball Park 1968-February
Pinball Ball Park 1937-June15
Pinball Ballerina 1959-April23
Pinball Ballerina 1948-February10
Pinball Ball-Quet 1932-February
Pinball Balls-A-Poppin 1956-August29
Pinball Bally Beauty 1952-October17
Pinball Bally Bonus 1936-February
Pinball Bally Bonus 1936-February
Pinball Bally Booster 1937-April
Pinball Bally Derby 1935-December
Pinball Bally Entry 1938-February
Pinball Bally Entry 1946-December23
Pinball Bally Hoo 1969-March14
Pinball Bally Reserve 1938-May
Pinball Bally Reserve Jr. 1938-May
Pinball Bally Rocket 1947-April14
Pinball Bally Royal 1939-February
Pinball Bally Stables 1937-November
Pinball Bally Supreme 1939-February
Pinball Bally View 1938-October
Pinball Ballyhoo 1932-February
Pinball Ballyhoo 1947-June2
Pinball Ballyhoo 1932-March
Pinball Ballyround 1932-April
Pinball Bambino 1938-June

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