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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball Carnival 1960-
Pinball Carnival 1937-July
Pinball Carnival 1957-August27
Pinball Carnival 1948-June1
Pinball Carnival 1976-
Pinball Carnival 1963-
Pinball Carnival 1977-May
Pinball Carnival 1947-February
Pinball Carnival Queen 1958-October18
Pinball Carnival Target 1963-
Pinball Carolina 1949-March
Pinball Carom 1937-January
Pinball Carom Junior 1937-February
Pinball Carousel 1947-May
Pinball Carrusel 1967-
Pinball Casablanca 1945-April
Pinball Casanova 1966-November22
Pinball Casba 1948-February
Pinball Casbah 1972-
Pinball Casino 1972-June8
Pinball Casino 1965-
Pinball Casino 1958-August20
Pinball Casino Royale 1976-January
Pinball Castlelite 1935-March
Pinball Catacomb 1981-October
Pinball Catalina 1948-February7
Pinball Catalina 1946-February
Pinball Catch-N-Match 1936-January
Pinball Cat's Paw 1935-June
Pinball Cavalcade 1935-April
Pinball Cavalier 1979-
Pinball Caveman 1982-September
Pinball Centaur 1981-October
Pinball Centaur II 1983-June
Pinball Centennial 1935-September
Pinball Center Smash 1936-November
Pinball Centerfold
Pinball Centigrade 37 1977-August
Pinball Central Park 1966-April
Pinball Cerberus 1982-March
Pinball Chain-A-Light 1935-June
Pinball Challenger 1943-March
Pinball Challenger 1974-June4
Pinball Challenger 1971-March
Pinball Challenger 1981-
Pinball Challenger 1936-June
Pinball Challenger I 1980-
Pinball Champ 1973-June29
Pinball Champ 1963-
Pinball Champion 1949-June

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