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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball Circus 1939-February
Pinball Circus Circus 1978-March
Pinball Circus Queen 1960-December15
Pinball Circus Wagon 1955-August5
Pinball Cirqus Voltaire 1997-October
Pinball Cisco Jackpot 1932-May
Pinball Citation 1949-February7
Pinball City Slicker 1987-March
Pinball Class of 1812 1991-August
Pinball Classic 1937-July
Pinball Classic 1932-October
Pinball Classy Bowler 1956-July
Pinball Cleopatra 1977-November11
Pinball Cleopatra 1948-May
Pinball Cleopatra 1979-
Pinball Cleopatra
Pinball Click 1947-September
Pinball Clipper 1939-November
Pinball Clipper 1954-October
Pinball Clipper 1936-February
Pinball Clocker 1937-September
Pinball Close Encounters of the Third Kind 1978-October
Pinball Close Finish 1936-June
Pinball Cloverleaf 1932-October
Pinball Clown 1985-July
Pinball Clown 1988-
Pinball Club House 1958-November18
Pinball Club House 1937-November
Pinball Club Trophy 1941-May
Pinball Cobra 1987-
Pinball Cobra 1987-February
Pinball Cocktail Hour 1936-April
Pinball Co-Ed 1947-November
Pinball College Daze 1949-August
Pinball College Football 1936-November
Pinball College Queens 1969-May
Pinball Colorama 1963-November
Pinball Colors 1954-November5
Pinball Colossal 1935-
Pinball Columbia
Pinball Combat 1944-August
Pinball Combat 1977-September
Pinball Combination 1936-March
Pinball Combination 1936-October
Pinball Combination 1933-August
Pinball Come Back
Pinball Comet 1986-
Pinball Comet 1985-June
Pinball Comet Ball (Jr) 1932-February
Pinball Comics 1968-February

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