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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball Deluxe Baseball 1953 1953-April
Pinball Deluxe Baseball 1957 1957-January
Pinball Deluxe Baseball 1957 New York 1957-February
Pinball Deluxe Batting Champ 1961-April
Pinball Deluxe Fun Cruise 1966-September19
Pinball Deluxe Jumbo 1954-October
Pinball Deluxe Official 1932-December
Pinball Deluxe Pinch-Hitter 1959-April
Pinball Deluxe Short Stop 1958-April
Pinball Deluxe Twins 1932-June
Pinball Deluxe Twins Senior 1933-February
Pinball Deluxe World Series 1974-
Pinball Demolition Classic 1979-
Pinball Demolition Man 1994-February
Pinball Derby 1951-
Pinball Derby 1975-
Pinball Derby 1970-
Pinball Derby 1935-November
Pinball Derby 1941 1941-August
Pinball Derby 1947 1947-
Pinball Derby Champ 1938-March
Pinball Derby Clock 1939-January
Pinball Derby Day 1932-May
Pinball Derby Day 1956-April
Pinball Derby Day 1967-October11
Pinball Derby Day 1936-August
Pinball Derby King 1938-December
Pinball Derby King 1947-August
Pinball Derby Roll 1955-May
Pinball Derby Time 1938-October
Pinball Derby Winner 1941-August
Pinball Destroyer 1943-January
Pinball Deuces Wild 1932-March
Pinball Devil 1978-
Pinball Devil King 1987-
Pinball Devil Riders 1984-April
Pinball Devil's Dare 1982-August
Pinball Dew-Wa-Ditty 1948-June24
Pinball Diamond Ball 1932-March
Pinball Diamond Jack 1967-April
Pinball Diamond Jim 1977-
Pinball Diamond Lady 1988-February
Pinball Diamond Lill 1954-December
Pinball Diamond-Flash 1932-June
Pinball Dimension 1971-February
Pinball Diner 1990-September
Pinball Ding Dong 1968-February16
Pinball Dinosaur Eggs 1993-August
Pinball Dipsy Doodle 1970-December5
Pinball Dirty Harry 1995-March

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