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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball E.Z. Aces 1933-April
Pinball Eager Beaver 1965-April9
Pinball Eagle Squadron 1943-April
Pinball Earth Wind & Fire 1981-April
Pinball Earthshaker 1989-February
Pinball Easy Aces 1955-December
Pinball Easy Pickin' 1944-August
Pinball Easy Steps 1938-March
Pinball Eclipse 1935-September
Pinball Eclipse 1982-
Pinball Eclipse 1935-August
Pinball Egg Head 1961-December
Pinball Eight and Six 1932-October
Pinball Eight Ball 1977-September
Pinball Eight Ball Champ 1985-September
Pinball Eight Ball Deluxe 1981-April
Pinball Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition 1982-October
Pinball El Bumpo 1931-November
Pinball El Dorado 1975-March
Pinball El Dorado City of Gold 1984-October
Pinball El Paso 1948-November18
Pinball El Rancho 1962-April21
Pinball El Toro 1963-August5
Pinball El Toro 1938-March
Pinball El Toro 1970-December14
Pinball Electric Eye 1936-
Pinball Electro 1938-March
Pinball Electro 1934-June
Pinball Electro Black Diamond 1933-April
Pinball Elektra 1981-December
Pinball Elektra Pool 1965-October
Pinball Eleven Belles 1958-
Pinball Elite Guard 1968-February
Pinball Elmer 1949-March
Pinball Elvira and the Party Monsters 1989-October
Pinball Embryon 1981-June
Pinball English 1932-February
Pinball Entertainer 1977-September
Pinball Entry 1941-
Pinball Equalite 1937-April
Pinball Equity 1935-February
Pinball Equity 1935-February
Pinball Eros II 1979-
Pinball Eros One 1979-March
Pinball Escape 1987-October
Pinball Escape from the Lost World 1988-January
Pinball Esquire 1934-November
Pinball Eureka 1948-February20
Pinball Eureka 1938-November
Pinball Evel Knievel 1976-September27

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