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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball Fight'n Phils 1950-June
Pinball Figure 8 1932-September
Pinball Film Cavalcade 1949-August
Pinball Finance 1936-April30
Pinball Fire Alarm 1939-February
Pinball Fire Ball 1937-April
Pinball Fire Chief 1935-June
Pinball Fire Cracker 1963-October
Pinball Fire Cracker 1938-November
Pinball Fire Mountain 1980-January
Pinball Fire Queen 1977-December
Pinball Fire! 1987-August
Pinball Fire! Champagne Edition 1987-September
Pinball Fireball 1976-October
Pinball Fireball 1972-
Pinball Fireball 1971-August24
Pinball Fireball Classic 1985-February
Pinball Fireball II 1981-June
Pinball Fireball II 1981-
Pinball Firecracker 1970-July27
Pinball Firepower 1980-February
Pinball Firepower II 1983-August
Pinball Firestone 1934-December
Pinball First National 1936-
Pinball Fish Tales 1992-October
Pinball Fishin' 1943-June
Pinball Five and Ten 1935-September
Pinball Five and Ten 1941-December
Pinball Five Star 1951-May
Pinball Five Star Final Jr. 1932-May
Pinball Five Star Final Sr. 1932-June
Pinball Five Star Reserve 1938-July
Pinball FJ 1978-
Pinball Flag Ship 1957-January
Pinball Flagship 1940-February
Pinball Flame of Athens 1978-December
Pinball Flamingo 1947-July30
Pinball Flash 1979-January
Pinball Flash 1935-February
Pinball Flash 1932-November
Pinball Flash 1933-February
Pinball Flash 1933-January
Pinball Flash 1939-July
Pinball Flash Ball 1932-March
Pinball Flash Baseball 1972-April
Pinball Flash Dragon 1980-
Pinball Flash Gordon 1981-February
Pinball Flash Gordon 1981-
Pinball Flash Lite 1935-November
Pinball Flasher 1937-November

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