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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball Football 1935-October
Pinball Football 1934-September
Pinball Football of 1937 1937-October
Pinball Force II 1981-February
Pinball Fore 1972-March8
Pinball Foreign Colors 1945-April
Pinball Formation 1940-July
Pinball Form-A-Word 1935-March
Pinball Formula I 1980-
Pinball Fortune 1941-November
Pinball Fortune
Pinball Fortune 1936-January
Pinball Fortune 1976-
Pinball Forward March 1937-October
Pinball Forward Pass Freshman 1934-February
Pinball Foto Finish 1937-July
Pinball Foto Finish 1961-January
Pinball Four Aces 1942-May
Pinball Four Corners 1952-October10
Pinball Four Diamonds 1941-May
Pinball Four Million B.C. 1970-November8
Pinball Four Roses 1940-November
Pinball Four Roses 1936-March
Pinball Four Seasons 1969-January
Pinball Four Stars 1952-June
Pinball Four-Five-Six 1940-February
Pinball Fox Hunt 1940-September17
Pinball Foxy Lady 1978-May
Pinball Freddy: a Nightmare on Elm Street 1994-October
Pinball Free Fall 1974-October
Pinball Free Play 1936-January
Pinball Free Races 1937-December
Pinball Freedom 1975-October8
Pinball Freefall 1981-January
Pinball Freshie 1949-September23
Pinball Friendship '7' 1962-July15
Pinball Frisco 1946-August
Pinball Frisky 1935-May
Pinball Frisky 1949-January
Pinball Frolic 1936-
Pinball Frolics 1952-August8
Pinball Frontier 1981-
Pinball Frontier 1980-November
Pinball Frontiersman 1955-November
Pinball Full
Pinball Full House 1966-March14
Pinball Fun Ball 1966-December
Pinball Fun Cruise 1965-September1
Pinball Fun Fair 1968-June
Pinball Fun House 1956-August28

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