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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball G. I. Joe 1944-August
Pinball Galahad 1969-October30
Pinball Galaxie 1971-January
Pinball Galaxy 1978-
Pinball Galaxy 1976-
Pinball Galaxy 1980-January
Pinball Galaxy Ranger 1978-
Pinball Galloping Ghost 1934-December
Pinball Galloping Plugs 1936-April
Pinball Gamatron 1985-December
Pinball Gamatron 1986-
Pinball Game Show 1990-April
Pinball Gator 1968-August8
Pinball Gaucho 1963-January
Pinball Gay 90's 1970-January5
Pinball Gay Cruise 1965-September20
Pinball Gay Paree 1957-January3
Pinball Gay Time 1955-May5
Pinball Gay Time 1938-April
Pinball Gayety 1955-February9
Pinball Gee Whiz 1936-May
Pinball Geisha 1974-
Pinball Gemini 1978-October
Pinball Gems 1939-April
Pinball Genco Champs 1936-April
Pinball Genesis 1986-September
Pinball Genie 1979-November
Pinball Georgia 1950-July14
Pinball G-E-T 1935-June
Pinball Getaway 1977-November
Pinball Ghost Gallery 1990-
Pinball Giant 1935-October
Pinball Giant Movie Bank 1936-October
Pinball Gigi 1963-December
Pinball Gigilo 1932-May
Pinball Gilligan's Island 1991-November
Pinball Gin 1974-November15
Pinball Gin Rummy 1949-February
Pinball Ginger 1936-February4
Pinball Ginger 1947-October7
Pinball Girls Ahoy 1944-November
Pinball Gizmo 1948-August4
Pinball Gladiator 1956-January
Pinball Gladiators 1993-November
Pinball Glamor 1951-July
Pinball Glamour 1940-May
Pinball Glamour Girls 1946-January
Pinball Glamour Lites 1959-
Pinball Glider 1949-August
Pinball Global Warfare 1981-June

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