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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball Hacienda 1962-April21
Pinball Haf-Shot 1932-August
Pinball Hairy Singers 1964
Pinball Halley Comet 1986-
Pinball Han-Ball 1937-May
Pinball Handicap 1932-March
Pinball Handicap 1938-May
Pinball Handicap 1952-June19
Pinball Handicapper 1937-September
Pinball Hang Glider 1976-March10
Pinball Hangers 1977-
Pinball Hang-On 1988-
Pinball Happy Clown 1964-November
Pinball Happy Days 1936-December
Pinball Happy Days 1952-July
Pinball Happy Gang 1932-May
Pinball Happy Go Lucky 1951-March
Pinball Happy Midget 1932-May
Pinball Happy Papeete 1963-
Pinball Happy Tour 1964-June11
Pinball Harbor Lites 1956-February
Pinball Hard Body 1987-March
Pinball Hardbody 1987-March
Pinball Harem 1974-
Pinball Harem Cat 1979-December
Pinball Hare-N-Hound 1937-November
Pinball Harlem Globetrotters On Tour 1979-September
Pinball Harley Davidson 1991-February
Pinball Harmony 1967-August
Pinball Harvest 1964-August13
Pinball Harvest Moon 1948-December
Pinball Harvest Moon 1935-December
Pinball Harvest Time 1950-September
Pinball Harvey 1951-May14
Pinball Haunted House 1982-June
Pinball Havana 1947-April
Pinball Havana 1954-February
Pinball Hawaii 1954-June
Pinball Hawaii 1947-September
Pinball Hawaii 1973-January9
Pinball Hawaiian Beauty 1954-May
Pinball Hawaiian Isle 1966-January
Pinball Hawthorne 1939-
Pinball Hawthorne 1939-January
Pinball Hayburners 1951-June26
Pinball Hayburners II 1968-August21
Pinball Hay-Ride 1964-October26
Pinball Headliner 1939-May
Pinball Headlite 1936-February
Pinball Hearts 1935-May

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