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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball Home Run 1972-February
Pinball Home Run 1936-August
Pinball Home Stretch 1935-May
Pinball Home Stretch 1937-June
Pinball Home-Run 1932-November
Pinball Honey 1972-May4
Pinball Honey 1938-
Pinball Honey 1947-August
Pinball Hong Kong 1952-September22
Pinball Hooey-Ball 1932-February
Pinball Hook 1992-May3
Pinball Hoop-Er-Doo 1932-March
Pinball Hoops 1991-February
Pinball Hootenanny 1963-August7
Pinball Horoscope 1941-March
Pinball Horse Shoes 1937-November
Pinball Horsefeathers 1952-January14
Pinball Horseshoe 1933-June
Pinball Horseshoes 1932-
Pinball Horseshoes 1951-December18
Pinball Horseshoes 1939-April
Pinball Hot and Cold
Pinball Hot Cha 1932-July
Pinball Hot Diggity 1956-May28
Pinball Hot Fire Birds 1985-December
Pinball Hot Hand 1979-June
Pinball Hot Line 1966-September15
Pinball Hot Race 1975-
Pinball Hot Rod 1949-March31
Pinball Hot Shot 1973-September
Pinball Hot Shots 1989-April
Pinball Hot Shots 1994-October
Pinball Hot Shotz 1985-
Pinball Hot Springs 1937-June
Pinball Hot Tip 1937-August
Pinball Hot Tip 1977-June
Pinball Hot Tip 1977-November
Pinball Hot Tip 1947-May
Pinball Hot Wheels 1979-September
Pinball Hotdoggin' 1980-June
Pinball House of Diamonds 1978-July
Pinball Howzat! 1980-
Pinball Hula-Hula 1965-July
Pinball Humpty Dumpty 1947-October25
Pinball Hunch 1935-
Pinball Hunter 1935-September
Pinball Hunter 1936-
Pinball Hurdle Hop 1935-January
Pinball Hurdles 1934-July
Pinball Hurdy Gurdy 1966-June

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