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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball Jack and Jill 1933-February
Pinball Jack In The Box 1973-February
Pinball Jack 'N Jill 1948-April
Pinball Jack Pot 1932-May
Pinball Jack Rabbit 1934-
Pinball Jack Rabbit 1934-October
Pinball Jack-Bot 1995-October
Pinball Jackpot 1971-April27
Pinball Jack-Pot 1932-June
Pinball Jacks Open 1977-February
Pinball Jacks to Open 1984-May
Pinball Jai Alai 1978-January
Pinball Jai Alai 1978-January
Pinball Jake Mate 1974-
Pinball Jalopy 1951-August8
Pinball Jamboree 1948-May
Pinball James Bond 1980-October
Pinball Jay Ball 1932-February
Pinball Jazzy 1932-September
Pinball Jeanie 1950-June
Pinball Jeep 1943-April
Pinball Jet Spin 1977-October
Pinball Jig Joy 1937-December
Pinball Jig Saw 1957-November20
Pinball Jiggers (Jr) 1932-October
Pinball Jiggers (Sr) 1932-December
Pinball Jiggolo 1932-December
Pinball Jimmy Valentine 1936-January
Pinball Jitter Bug 1938-September
Pinball Jitters 1936-July
Pinball Jive Time 1970-April29
Pinball Jockey Club 1954-April
Pinball Jockey Club 1933-February
Pinball Jockey Club 1935-June
Pinball Jockey Club 1948-February27
Pinball Jockey Club 1941-September
Pinball Jockey Special 1948-March1
Pinball Jocky Club 1933-January
Pinball Joel Silver, The Pinball 1991-November
Pinball Johnny Mnemonic 1995-August
Pinball Joker 1968-June26
Pinball Joker 1950-November
Pinball Joker 1974-
Pinball Joker Poker 1978-August
Pinball Joker Wild 1970-April17
Pinball Joker's Wild 1977-October
Pinball Joker's Wild 1978-
Pinball Joker's Wild 1960-February12
Pinball Jokerz! 1988-December
Pinball Jolly 1940-March29

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