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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball L 1934-March
Pinball L' Hexagone 1986-0
Pinball Lady Death 1985-
Pinball Lady Luck 1986-February
Pinball Lady Luck 1954-August6
Pinball Lady Luck 1976-November
Pinball Lady Luck 1968-March27
Pinball Lady Luck 1937-October
Pinball Lady Robin Hood 1948-January31
Pinball Lady Sharpshooter 1985-May
Pinball Laguna Beach 1960-February28
Pinball Lancer 1940-February
Pinball Lancers 1961-August
Pinball Landing on Venus 1964-
Pinball Landslide 1940-September
Pinball Lap By Lap 1986-
Pinball Lariat 1969-September
Pinball Lariat 1949-January
Pinball Las Vegas 1972-December
Pinball Las Vegas 1977-
Pinball Las Vegas 1970-
Pinball Laser Ball 1979-December
Pinball Laser Cue 1984-February
Pinball Laser War 1987-March
Pinball Last Action Hero 1993-October
Pinball Last Lap 1978-September
Pinball Latonia 1937-June
Pinball Laura 1945-November
Pinball Lawman 1971-October
Pinball Lazer Lord 1984-October
Pinball Lazy-Q 1953-December18
Pinball Le Grande 8 1985-
Pinball Leader 1940-August
Pinball Leader 1951-October
Pinball Lead-Off 1940-July
Pinball League Leader 1941-February
Pinball League Leader 1958-
Pinball Leap Ball 1932-August
Pinball Leap Frog 1936-May
Pinball Leap Frog 1935-
Pinball Leap Year 1948-April
Pinball Lectronamo 1978-August
Pinball Left or Right 1935-May
Pinball Legionaire 1941-July18
Pinball Leland (Sr) 1933-September
Pinball Leland (STD) 1933-September
Pinball Lethal Weapon 3 1992-August
Pinball Lexington 1948-August4
Pinball Liberty 1939-May
Pinball Liberty 1944-May

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