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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball Malibu Beach 1980-September
Pinball Mammoth 1935-November
Pinball Mam'selle 1947-August
Pinball Man 'n the Moon 1935-September
Pinball Mandalay 1950-
Pinball Manhattan 1984-November
Pinball Manhattan 1935-August
Pinball Manhattan 1948-March
Pinball Manhattan 1955-April
Pinball Man-O-War 1938-November
Pinball Marathon 1955-October
Pinball Mar-Ball 1932-January
Pinball Marble Parade 1936-
Pinball Marble Queen 1953-June
Pinball Marble-o 1932-
Pinball Marbl-Jax 1933-February
Pinball Mardi Gras 1939-June
Pinball Mardi Gras 1948-May
Pinball Mardi Gras 1962-October24
Pinball Mariner 1971-October4
Pinball Marines 1944-August
Pinball Marines-At-Play 1945-August
Pinball Mario Andretti 1995-December
Pinball Marjorie 1947-July
Pinball Mars 1937-December13
Pinball Mars God of War 1981-March
Pinball Mars Trek 1977-August
Pinball Marvel 1938-September20
Pinball Marvel 1934-December
Pinball Mary Shelly's Frankenstein 1995-February
Pinball Maryland 1949-April4
Pinball Mascot 1940-May
Pinball Masquerade 1966-February
Pinball Master Stroke 1977-
Pinball Masterpiece 1933-May
Pinball Mata Hari 1977-May
Pinball Match 'Em 1937-January
Pinball Match 'Em 1936-
Pinball Match Play 1935-February
Pinball Match Race 1973-March
Pinball Match the Dial 1935-October
Pinball Match-A-Ball 1935-January
Pinball Match-A-Color 1936-January
Pinball Mat-Cha-Skor 1933-January
Pinball Match-It 1936-
Pinball Maverick 1994-October
Pinball Max Badazz 1993-
Pinball Mayfair 1966-July
Pinball Mazatron 1990-
Pinball Mazuma 1937-June

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