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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball Party Animal 1987-May
Pinball Party Animal 1987-June
Pinball Party Zone 1991-August
Pinball Pass Kick 1934-November
Pinball Pastime 1938-December
Pinball Pastime 1943-July
Pinball Pat Hand 1975-May7
Pinball Paul Bunyan 1968-September
Pinball Pay Day 1935-October
Pinball Payday 1932-August
Pinball Peacherino 1944-August
Pinball Peachy 1938-October7
Pinball Pearl Harbor 1935-July
Pinball Pedal Pushers 1938-November
Pinball Pee Wee Golf 1971-June
Pinball Peerless Multiple 1936-February
Pinball Pennant 1933-December
Pinball Pennant Fever 1984-May
Pinball Penquin 1935-March
Pinball Pentacup 1979-
Pinball Pentogram
Pinball Pep 1932-September
Pinball Peppy 1938-July13
Pinball Peppy 1956-September21
Pinball Perky 1956-September17
Pinball Peter Pan 1955-March29
Pinball Phantom 1937-July
Pinball Phantom of the Opera 1990-April
Pinball Pharaoh 1981-May
Pinball Pheasant 1938-October
Pinball Phoenix 1949-January
Pinball Phoenix 1978-November
Pinball Photo Finish 1949-July
Pinball Piccadilly 1956-April4
Pinball Piccadilly 1936-
Pinball Pick-Em 1939-August
Pinball Pick-Up 1933-
Pinball Picnic 1967-
Pinball Picnic 1958-April15
Pinball Pigskin 1934-September
Pinball Pikes Peak 1937-August
Pinball Pimlico 1946-
Pinball Pin Ball 1987-
Pinball Pin Ball 1987-
Pinball Pin Ball 1984-
Pinball Pin Ball Poker 1951-November
Pinball Pin Ball Pool 1983-December
Pinball Pin Bowler 1949-November
Pinball Pin Up Girl 1944-January
Pinball Pin Wheel 1953-October

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