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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball Race King 1943-January
Pinball Race Stars 1979-March
Pinball Race the Clock 1955-March30
Pinball Race Time 1959-March
Pinball Race Way 1963-September
Pinball Racers 1974-
Pinball Races 1937-October
Pinball Races 1936-April
Pinball Races 1937-
Pinball Racing Club 1937-October
Pinball Rack 'Em Up 1983-November
Pinball Rack-A-Ball 1962-December
Pinball Radical! 1990-September
Pinball Radio Station 1934-June
Pinball Rag Mop 1950-October26
Pinball Ragtime 1938-September
Pinball Raid 1984-
Pinball Railroad 1936-September
Pinball Rainbo 1932-March
Pinball Rainbow 1962-June
Pinball Rainbow 1936-May
Pinball Rainbow 1948-September30
Pinball Rainbow 1956-December
Pinball Rally 1970-
Pinball Rally Girl 1966-November
Pinball Rambler 1936-February
Pinball Ramona 1949-February
Pinball Ramp Warrior 1988-
Pinball Rancho 1977-August
Pinball Rancho 1948-April28
Pinball Rancho 1966-August
Pinball Ranger 1947-July
Pinball Ranger 1935-February
Pinball Rapid Fire 1935-January
Pinball Rapid Fire 1981-June
Pinball Rapid Transit 1935-September14
Pinball Rat Race 1983-January
Pinball Rat Race II 1985-June
Pinball Raven 1986-March
Pinball Rawhide 1977-February
Pinball Rawhide 1977-April
Pinball Ready...Aim...Fire! 1983-November
Pinball Real 1978-May
Pinball Rebound 1934-December
Pinball Rebound 1948-November23
Pinball Rebound 1939-November
Pinball Rebound 1934-November
Pinball Record Purse 1938-December
Pinball Record Time 1940-September
Pinball Recorder 1938-March

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