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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball Roller Derby 1960-May10
Pinball Roller Derby 1939-October
Pinball Roller Disco 1980-February
Pinball Rollergames 1990-June
Pinball Rollet 1931-December
Pinball Rol-Let 1933-June
Pinball Roll-ette 1936-February
Pinball Rolletto 1932-February
Pinball Rolling Agate 1932-February
Pinball Rolling Stones 1980-May
Pinball Roll-Itt 1932-March
Pinball Rolls Royce 1932-June
Pinball Roly Poly 1936-January
Pinball Rondesvoo 1948-June
Pinball Rose & Can Can 1968-
Pinball Rose Bowl 1937-August17
Pinball Rose-Bowl 1951-October
Pinball Rotation 1936-February
Pinball Rotation 1940-April
Pinball Rotation VIII 1978-September
Pinball Roto 1969-October
Pinball Roto Lite 1935-February
Pinball Roto Pool 1958-May
Pinball Rotor Table 1935-October
Pinball Roughriders 1939-August
Pinball Round and Round 1936-
Pinball Round 'n Round 1936-April
Pinball Round Up 1971-July22
Pinball Round Up 1948-November
Pinball Roundup 1936-July
Pinball Round-Up 1932-April
Pinball Route `66' 1951-July
Pinball Rover 1937-February
Pinball Roxy 1940-January16
Pinball Royal Aces 1937-May
Pinball Royal Flash 1964-January
Pinball Royal Flippers 1987-March
Pinball Royal Flush 1957-February
Pinball Royal Flush 1976-April
Pinball Royal Flush 1957-March11
Pinball Royal Flush Deluxe 1983-June
Pinball Royal Guard 1968-January
Pinball Royal One 1997-
Pinball Royal Pair 1974-October
Pinball Royal Races 1937-March
Pinball Royal Seven 1997-
Pinball Rugby 1936-December2
Pinball R-U-M-B-A 1932-March
Pinball Runabout 1932-January
Pinball Running Wild 1937-April

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