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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball Safari 1969-October10
Pinball Safari 1954-December16
Pinball Safari 1966-December15
Pinball Safe Cracker 1996-March
Pinball Safety Zone 1934-December
Pinball Sahara Love 1984-
Pinball Sailorettes '42 1942-
Pinball Sally 1948-October
Pinball Salute 1941-January
Pinball Samba 1961-
Pinball Samba 1948-April
Pinball San Francisco 1964-May12
Pinball Santa Anita 1940-July
Pinball Santa Fe 1943-September
Pinball Sapporo 1976-January
Pinball Sara-Suzy 1940-November
Pinball Saratoga 1948-October30
Pinball Satellite 1978-
Pinball Satellite 1958-June20
Pinball Satin Doll 1975-March12
Pinball Saturn 1977-
Pinball Saturn 2 1985-August
Pinball Scala Reale 1970-
Pinball Scandals 1942 1943-April
Pinball Scared Stiff 1996-September
Pinball School Days 1941-March
Pinball Schuss 1968-July
Pinball Scoop 1939-December
Pinball Scoop 1932-October
Pinball Score Board 1948-October
Pinball Score Board 1933-December
Pinball Score Card 1940-February
Pinball Score Champ 1940-May25
Pinball Score`A' Lite 1935-February
Pinball Score-A-Line 1940-August
Pinball Scoreboard 1937-April
Pinball Scoreboard 1967-April
Pinball Score-Board 1956-April
Pinball Scoring Machine 1982-January
Pinball Scorpion 1980-July
Pinball Scotty 1936-July
Pinball Scram 1932-May
Pinball Scram 1932-May
Pinball Scramble 1987-March
Pinball Screamo 1935-October
Pinball Screamo 1954-March9
Pinball Screech
Pinball Screen Test 1937-
Pinball Screwball 1948-August
Pinball Screwy 1932-June

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