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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball Ten Strike Jumbo 1958-January
Pinball Ten Up 1974-
Pinball Tennessee 1948-February28
Pinball Tenth Inning 1964-February
Pinball Ten-up 1973-August
Pinball Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1991-July
Pinball Texan 1960-
Pinball Texan 1960-April
Pinball Texas Mustang 1941-October
Pinball Texas Ranger 1972-January
Pinball The 30's 1977-April
Pinball The Addams Family 1992-March
Pinball The Addams Family Special Collectors Edition 1994-October
Pinball The Amazing Spider-Man 1980-May
Pinball The Atarians 1976-November
Pinball The Best Jump 1979-
Pinball The Cedar Ball 1931-October
Pinball The Champ 1940-August
Pinball The Champion Pub 1998-May
Pinball The Cricket 1932-July2
Pinball The Derby 1932-May
Pinball The Empire Strikes Back 1980-June
Pinball The Flea 1932-July
Pinball The Flintstones 1994-July
Pinball The Games 1985-June
Pinball The Games 1984-August
Pinball The Getaway: High Speed II 1992-February
Pinball The Hunter 1980-
Pinball The King 1978-
Pinball The King 1959-
Pinball The Machine: Bride of Pinbot 1991-February
Pinball The McCoy 1936-June
Pinball The Midget 1932-May
Pinball The New Champ 1941-September
Pinball The New Deal 1933-April
Pinball The Pilot 1932-November
Pinball The President 1933-February
Pinball The Shadow 1994-November
Pinball The Shark 1976-
Pinball The Simpsons 1990-October
Pinball The Six Million Dollar Man 1978-October
Pinball The Time of Your Life 1948-August
Pinball The Wiggle 1932-February
Pinball Theatre of Magic 1995-March28
Pinball They're Off 1935-July
Pinball Thing 1951-February
Pinball Third World 1978-
Pinball Thistledowns 1938-November
Pinball Thoro Bred 1965-February
Pinball Thorobreds 1946-

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