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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball Tivoli 1968-July
Pinball TKO 1979-March
Pinball TNT 1935-August
Pinball T-N-T 1935-August
Pinball Toledo 1975-December
Pinball Tom Tom 1963-January3
Pinball Tommy Pinball Wizard 1994-February
Pinball Top Card 1974-August
Pinball Top 'Em 1936-October
Pinball Top Flight 1935-February
Pinball Top Hand 1966-April26
Pinball Top Hand 1973-May
Pinball Top Hat 1935-November
Pinball Top Hat 1958-February20
Pinball Top Hit 1964-
Pinball Top It 1936-January
Pinball Top Notcher 1941-
Pinball Top Pin 1988-
Pinball Top Racer 1976-
Pinball Top Row 1936-June
Pinball Top Score 1975-October
Pinball Top Speed 1975-December
Pinball Top Ten 1975-March21
Pinball Topic 1941-November
Pinball Topper 1939-April19
Pinball Topper 1939-April24
Pinball Tops 1937-October
Pinball Topsy Turvy 1935-May
Pinball Torch 1980-February
Pinball Torchy 1947-June18
Pinball Toreador 1956-June
Pinball Tornado 1947-April8
Pinball Torneo 1978-
Pinball Toro 1963-
Pinball Torpedo
Pinball Torpedo 1936-February
Pinball Torpedo 1936-February
Pinball Torpedo 1976-
Pinball Torpedo 1934-September
Pinball Torpedo Alley 1988-August
Pinball Torpedo Patrol 1943-April
Pinball Total Recall 1990-
Pinball Total Roll 1945-
Pinball Totalite! 1936-May
Pinball Totalizer 1937-January
Pinball Totem 1935-June
Pinball Totem 1979-October
Pinball Touch Down 1952-January
Pinball Touch off 1936-March18
Pinball Touchdown 1960-September27

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