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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball Widget 1931-June
Pinball Wiggler 1967-February27
Pinball Wild Boy 1974-
Pinball Wild Card 1977-October
Pinball Wild Cargo 1934-September
Pinball Wild Cat Double 1932-September
Pinball Wild Fire 1936-February
Pinball Wild Fire 1941-March
Pinball Wild Fire 1957-July
Pinball Wild Fyre 1978-October
Pinball Wild Life 1972-November
Pinball Wild West 1951-August
Pinball Wild Wheels 1966-February
Pinball Wild Wild West 1969-August
Pinball Wildcat 1932-July
Pinball Wildschulz 1980-March
Pinball William Tell 1936-
Pinball Win a Card 1964-
Pinball Win or Lose 1935-
Pinball Windjammer 1938-
Pinball Windy City 1933-August
Pinball Wing Ding 1964-December28
Pinball Wing Lite 1935-November25
Pinball Wings 1933-February
Pinball Wings 1940-June
Pinball Winner 1937-April
Pinball Winner 1950-June
Pinball Winner 1934-October
Pinball Winner 1972-May
Pinball Winner 1976-
Pinball Winner 1964-December
Pinball Winning Ticket 1938-June
Pinball Winter Sports 1978-January
Pinball Wipe Out 1993-October
Pinball Wisconsin 1948-April
Pinball Wishing Well 1955-September
Pinball Wizard 1937-April
Pinball Wizard 1975-May
Pinball Wizard 1971-December
Pinball Wonderland 1955-April26
Pinball Woods Queen 1976-
Pinball World Beauties 1959-December15
Pinball World Challenge Soccer 1994-February
Pinball World Champ 1957-August
Pinball World Cup 1978-May
Pinball World Cup 1967-March29
Pinball World Cup '90 1990-
Pinball World Cup Soccer 1994-February
Pinball World Defender 1985-November
Pinball World Fair 1964-April

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