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You searched for Europe only in category field11
Games 1 to 50 of 387 (Page 1 of 8)

Category Game Title Platform Year
Starsky & Hutch Microsoft PC 2003
NBA Full Court Press Microsoft PC 1996
TRIBES 2 [Best Seller Series] Microsoft PC 2002
Spanking Runners Microsoft PC 2002
Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi Microsoft PC 1992
Snowboard Nintendo GameBoy Advance 2003
Gnome Ranger Microsoft PC 1988
All-Star Baseball 2000 Nintendo GameBoy Color 1999
Asterix Nintendo GameBoy 1993
Mega Man V Nintendo GameBoy 1994
Wario Land 3 Nintendo GameBoy Color 2000
Redneck Rampage Microsoft PC 1996
Casino Tycoon Microsoft PC 2002
Sonic CD Microsoft PC 1997
FIFA Soccer 97 Microsoft PC 1996
Micro Machines V3 Microsoft PC 1997
TOCA 2 Touring Cars Microsoft PC 1998
Faust Microsoft PC 2000
4th Coming, The Microsoft PC 2000
Breath of Fire IV Microsoft PC 2003
Jelly Boy Nintendo GameBoy 199?
Shadow Warriors Nintendo GameBoy 1992
Jungle Strike Nintendo GameBoy 1995
Kirby's Dream Land 2 Nintendo GameBoy 1995
Microsoft Soccer Microsoft PC 1996
Sensible Soccer Nintendo GameBoy 1993
Primal Rage Nintendo GameBoy 1995
Master of Orion II Microsoft PC 1997
Die Maus Nintendo GameBoy 1997
Wild Metal Country Microsoft PC 1998
Pinball Advance Nintendo GameBoy Advance 2002
Rayman Nintendo GameBoy Color 2000
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Nintendo GameBoy Advance 2001
Star Wars: Dark Forces Microsoft PC 1995
Ingrid's Back Microsoft PC 1988
PGA European Tour Microsoft PC 1996
Micro Machines Nintendo GameBoy Color 2000
Hooligans: Storm Over Europe Microsoft PC 2002
Football Manager 2 Microsoft PC 1988
After the War Microsoft PC 1989
Lemmings Microsoft PC 1991
Championship Manager: Season 03/04 Microsoft PC 2003
Paris-Dakar Rally Microsoft PC 2002
NBA Jam Extreme Microsoft PC 1997
Flesh & Blood Microsoft PC 2002
Star Wars: Force Commander Microsoft PC 2000
TRIBES 2 Microsoft PC 2001
Hired Team: Trial Microsoft PC 2000
Adventures of Lomax Microsoft PC 1997
FIFA 2000 Microsoft PC 1999

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