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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pang Commodore Amiga 1988, 1990
Operation Thunderbolt Commodore Amiga 1989
Parasol Stars: The Story Of Rainbow Islands 2 Commodore Amiga 1992
Tunnel B1 Sega Saturn 1996
Terminator 2: Judgement Day Commodore Amiga 1991
The New Zealand Story Commodore Amiga 1989
Narc Atari ST 1990
Narc Commodore Amiga 1990
Wizkid: The Story Of Wizball II Commodore Amiga 1992
Darkman Atari ST 1991
Worms Sega Saturn 1995
Theme Park Atari Jaguar 1994
Nintendo Super System: Lethal Weapon 1992
The Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) 1992
RoboCop 3 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) 1992
Beach Volley Commodore Amiga 1989
Syndicate Atari Jaguar 1993
Nintendo Super System: The Addams Family 1992
Nintendo Super System: Robocop 3 1992
Darkman Commodore Amiga 1991
The Addams Family Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) 1991
Operation Wolf Commodore Amiga 1988, 1989
Wizball Commodore Amiga 1987
Chase H.Q. II: Special Criminal Investigation Commodore Amiga 1990
Cabal Commodore Amiga 1987, 1989
Battle Command Commodore Amiga 1990
Cool World Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) 1992
Lethal Weapon Atari ST 1992
Battle Command Atari ST 1990
The New Zealand Story Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) 1989
Rainbow Islands Atari ST 1989
Kid Chaos Commodore Amiga 1994
Platoon Atari ST 1987
Wizkid: The Story Of Wizball II Atari ST 1992
Platoon Commodore Amiga 1987, 1988
Lost Patrol Commodore Amiga 1990, 1991
Lethal Weapon Commodore Amiga 1992
Worms - The Director's Cut Commodore Amiga 1997
Hook Commodore Amiga 1991