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You searched for Sports in category field17
Games 1 to 50 of 1722 (Page 1 of 35)

Category Game Title Platform Year
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 3 Nintendo GameBoy Advance 2002
NBA Live 2000 [Classics] Microsoft PC 2000
NFL 2K3 Sony PlayStation 2 2002
WCW Nitro Microsoft PC 1999
DBZ: Dead Ball Zone Sony PlayStation 1998
NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC Sega Dreamcast 1999
Disney Sports Football Nintendo GameBoy Advance 2002
Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter Alaskan Expedition Microsoft PC 2000
NBA Full Court Press Microsoft PC 1996
Troy Aikman NFL Football Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) 1994
3D Hunting: Grizzly Microsoft PC 1998
Quarterback Attack Sega Saturn 1995
HardBall III Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) 1992
Winter Olympic Games Microsoft PC 1994
NHL 2001 Microsoft PC 2000
US Open 2002 Microsoft PC 2002
Real Pool 2 Microsoft PC 2002
Madden Football 64 Nintendo 64 1997
WCW/NWO Thunder Sony PlayStation 1999
Trick Boarder Nintendo GameBoy Color 2000
TNN Outdoors Pro Hunter Microsoft PC 1998
Total Soccer Microsoft PC 1997
Pocket Lure Boy Nintendo GameBoy Color 1999
Slice 'N Hook Microsoft PC 1998
J.League Winning Goal Nintendo GameBoy 1994
Hunting Unlimited 2 Microsoft PC 2003
NBA Hang Time Sega MegaDrive (Genesis) 1996
Bikkuri Nekketsu Shinkiroku: Dokodemo Kin Medal Nintendo GameBoy 1993
NFL GameDay 2003 Sony PlayStation 2 2002
NBA In The Zone '99 Nintendo 64 1999
NBA Jam Nintendo GameBoy 1994
Links Championship Course: Pelican Hill Microsoft PC 1997
Caveman Ugh-lympics Microsoft PC 1989
PBA Tour Bowling 2 Microsoft PC 2000
NHL Hockey 95 Nintendo GameBoy 1995
Jack Nicklaus 6: Golden Bear Challenge Microsoft PC 1999
Fire Pro Wrestling G Sony PlayStation 2000
Shaun Palmer's Pro Snowboarder Nintendo GameBoy Color 2001
NBA Live 99 Microsoft PC 1998
Pet Soccer Microsoft PC 2003
WCW vs. NWO: World Tour Nintendo 64 1997
Links Championship Course: Devil's Island Course Microsoft PC 1995
Sammy Sosa High Heat Baseball 2001 Microsoft PC 2000
Extreme Rodeo Microsoft PC 1999
Davis Cup Tennis Nintendo GameBoy Advance 2002
Snowboard Nintendo GameBoy Advance 2003
Football Pro Microsoft PC 1998
Mario Tennis 64 Nintendo 64 2000
Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf Sega MegaDrive (Genesis) 1989
Skins at Bighorn Microsoft PC 1995

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