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Category Game Title Platform Year
Robotron: 2084 Microsoft PC 1983
Missile Command Microsoft PC 1999
LaserAge Microsoft PC 1999
Super Star Dust Microsoft PC 1996
Arcade Classic No. 3: Galaga/Galaxian Nintendo GameBoy 1995
Starchild Microsoft PC 1999
Space Invaders Nintendo GameBoy Color 1999
Alien Invasion Microsoft PC 199?
Space Invaders Microsoft PC 1999
Pang Nintendo GameBoy 1993
Crystal Quest Nintendo GameBoy 1991
Pedro the Tank Game Microsoft PC 1998
Piranha Microsoft PC 1995
Missile Command Nintendo GameBoy 1992
Yars' Revenge Nintendo GameBoy Color 1999
Asteroids Nintendo GameBoy 1992
Tempest 2000 Microsoft PC 1996
Smokin' Guns Microsoft PC 1993
Space Invaders Nintendo GameBoy Advance 2002
Burning Paper Nintendo GameBoy 1992
Galactic Patrol Microsoft PC 2000
Astrorock 2000 Microsoft PC 1998
Spheres of Chaos Microsoft PC 1999
Exterminator, The Microsoft PC 1983
Astrorock Microsoft PC 1996
Beetlejuice: Skeletons in the Closet Microsoft PC 1990
Centipede Nintendo GameBoy 1992
NY Warriors Microsoft PC 1988
Missile Command Nintendo GameBoy Color 1999
Arcade Classic No. 2: Centipede/Millipede Nintendo GameBoy 1995
3D Missile Madness Microsoft PC 1999
3D Galaxy Fighters Microsoft PC 199?
Space Invaders Nintendo GameBoy 1994
Crossfire Microsoft PC 1982
Attack on Altair Microsoft PC 1982
Alien Attack Microsoft PC 1995
Galaxian Nintendo GameBoy Color -
Asteroids Microsoft PC 1998
Tornado Microsoft PC 1994
Moon Bugs Microsoft PC 1983
Space Invaders Nintendo GameBoy Color 1999
Galaga Nintendo GameBoy Color 2000
Centipede Nintendo GameBoy Color 1998
Asteroids Nintendo GameBoy Color 1999
Trax Nintendo GameBoy 1991