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Category Game Title Platform Year
Heavy Barrel Microsoft PC 1989
Juggernaut Corps: First Assault Microsoft PC 1998
Jungle Strike Nintendo GameBoy 1995
Fire Fight Microsoft PC 1997
Fortified Zone Nintendo GameBoy 1991
Cannon Fodder 2 Microsoft PC 1994
Army Men: Operation Green Nintendo GameBoy Advance 2001
Medal of Honor: Infiltrator Nintendo GameBoy Advance 2003
Scud: Industrial Evolution Microsoft PC 199?
Cannon Fodder Microsoft PC 1994
Captain Quazar Microsoft PC 1996
Theater of Death Microsoft PC 1993
Zone 66 Microsoft PC 1993
Zax: The Alien Hunter Microsoft PC 2001
Pocky & Rocky With Becky Nintendo GameBoy Advance 2002
Totsugeki Tank Nintendo GameBoy 199?
Cannon Fodder Nintendo GameBoy Color 2000
Reloaded Microsoft PC 1997
Alien Breed Microsoft PC 1993
Turok: Rage Wars Nintendo GameBoy Color 1999
Urban Strike Nintendo GameBoy 1994
Penta Dragon Nintendo GameBoy 1992
Into the Eagle's Nest Microsoft PC 1987
Aliens: Thanatos Encounter Nintendo GameBoy Color 2001
Star Miner Microsoft PC 2003
Total Carnage Nintendo GameBoy 1994
Hands of Time Nintendo GameBoy Color 2001
Seek & Destroy Microsoft PC 1996
Top Gun: Firestorm Nintendo GameBoy Color 2001
Urban Strike Nintendo GameBoy 1996
Alien 3 Nintendo GameBoy 1993
Desert Strike Advance Nintendo GameBoy Advance 2002
Rotox Microsoft PC 1990
Wingnuts: Temporal Navigator Microsoft PC 2002
Take No Prisoners Microsoft PC 1997
Alien Breed: Tower Assault Microsoft PC 1994
Jurassic Park Nintendo GameBoy 1993
Army Men: Air Combat Nintendo GameBoy Color 2000
Alien Syndrome Microsoft PC 1989
Operation Carnage Microsoft PC 1992
Army Men: Turf Wars Nintendo GameBoy Advance 2002
Netwar Microsoft PC 1997
SubSpace Microsoft PC 1997
World Is Not Enough, The Nintendo GameBoy Color 2001
Army Men: Air Tactics Microsoft PC 2000
Machine Hunter Microsoft PC 1997
Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf Nintendo GameBoy 1995
True Lies Nintendo GameBoy 1995
Army Men Advance Nintendo GameBoy Advance 2001
Max Payne Nintendo GameBoy Advance 2003

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