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Category Game Title Platform Year
Traditional Halali 2000
Traditional Halli Galli 1992
Traditional Hallo Herr Bär
Traditional Halloween 2000
Traditional Halunken und Spelunken 1997
Traditional Hamsterbacke 1998
Traditional Hamstern
Traditional Hamsterrolle 2000
Traditional Hand drauf! 2002
Traditional Hanna Haselnuss 1997
Traditional Hans Dampf 1993
Traditional Hänsel und Gretel (Fagus)
Traditional Hänsel und Gretel (Klee)
Traditional Haps 2000
Traditional Harry Potter - Quidditch 2001
Traditional Harry Potter - Zauberprüfung 2001
Traditional Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen - Das Geheimis von Hogwarts 2001
Traditional Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen - Das große Harry Potter Quiz 2001
Traditional Harry Potter Uno
Traditional Hase und Igel (Abacus) 2000
Traditional Hase und Igel (Ravensburger) 1978
Traditional Hasenjagd
Traditional Haste Worte 1997
Traditional Hattrick 1995
Traditional Havannah 1981
Traditional Hecht im Karpfenteich 1990
Traditional Heimlich & Co 1986
Traditional Heimlich & Co 1984
Traditional Heimlich & Co 2001
Traditional Hekla 2002
Traditional Hellas 2002
Traditional Henne Berta 1989
Traditional Hepta 1974
Traditional Hero Quest
Traditional Herzblatt
Traditional Herzklopfen 1991
Traditional Heuchel & Meuchel 1990
Traditional Hexenkompott 2003
Traditional Hexenküche
Traditional Hexenrennen 2001
Traditional Hexentanz 1989
Traditional Hexerei 1997
Traditional Hi Spot
Traditional Hick Hack im Gackelwack 2001
Traditional High Bohn - Erweiterung zu Bohnanza 2001
Traditional High Society 1995
Traditional Himmelsstürmer 1991
Traditional Höchst verdächtig! 2001
Traditional Hol`s der Geier 1988
Traditional Holiday AG 1990

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