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Category Game Title Platform Year
Traditional La Città 2000
Traditional La Isla Bohnita - Bohnanza zur See 1998
Traditional La Strada 1997
Traditional Labyrinth
Traditional Labyrinth der Ringe 1998
Traditional Labyrinth Junior 1995
Traditional Lach dich schlapp
Traditional Laguna 2000
Traditional Lalelu 1998
Traditional Lancelot 1990
Traditional Land unter 2001
Traditional Lang lebe der König 1997
Traditional Lao Pengh 1999
Traditional Laska
Traditional Last Chance 1994
Traditional La-Trel
Traditional Lauras Sternenspiel 2002
Traditional Leinen Los
Traditional Leuchtturm
Traditional Libertas
Traditional Licht und Schatten 1990
Traditional Life Style 1989
Traditional Lifetime 1996
Traditional Ligretto 1988
Traditional Limits 2001
Traditional Lindenstraße 1996
Traditional Line up! 2002
Traditional Lines of Action
Traditional lingua 1969
Traditional Linie
Traditional Linie 1 1995
Traditional Lirum Larum Essenspiel
Traditional Locomotion 1987
Traditional Logo
Traditional long - short
Traditional Looping
Traditional Looping
Traditional Looping Louie 1994
Traditional Loopino 1997
Traditional Lost Cities 1999
Traditional Lottino
Traditional Lotus 1998
Traditional Löwendynastie 1998
Traditional Löwenherz (Goldsieber) 1997
Traditional Löwenherz (Kosmos) 2003
Traditional Lucky Five 1998
Traditional Lucky Loop 2003
Traditional Luftikus und Sausewind 1990
Traditional Lügenbeutel 1995
Traditional Lumberjack 2002

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