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Category Game Title Platform Year
Traditional Ra (alea) 1999
Traditional Ra (Int. Team)
Traditional Rabatz auf dem Riesenrad
Traditional Racko
Traditional Rage (Amigo)
Traditional Rage (Mattel)
Traditional Rainbows 1995
Traditional Ransom 1994
Traditional Rapunzel
Traditional Rasende Roboter 1999
Traditional Rat-a-Tat Cat 1997
Traditional Ratz-Fatz 1997
Traditional Räubersprung 1990
Traditional Razzia 1992
Traditional Reibach & Co 1996
Traditional Reinfall
Traditional Reise durch Deutschland
Traditional Reise ins Tierreich 2000
Traditional Remmi Demmi 1999
Traditional Renaissance 1990
Traditional Rennraupe Rosalie 1996
Traditional Res Publica (Hexagames) 1991
Traditional Res Publica (Queen) 2000
Traditional Restaurant 1987
Traditional Rette sich wer kann 1993
Traditional Rette sich wer kann! - Kroko-Alarm im Hotel-Swimmingpool! 2003
Traditional Rettet die Umwelt
Traditional Rheingold 1992
Traditional Rheinländer 1999
Traditional Richelieu und die Königin! 2003
Traditional Ringel-Rangel 1993
Traditional Ringgeister - Die abenteuerliche Reise der Hobbits... 1992
Traditional Riombo 1989
Traditional Risiko
Traditional Ritter Kuniberts 12er Stich
Traditional Robby's Rutschpartie 2003
Traditional Robin Hood (Amigo) 1999
Traditional Robin Hood (Ravensb.) 1990
Traditional Robo Rally 1999
Traditional Robo Rally - Crash & Burn 2000
Traditional Rock Island
Traditional Rolit 1999
Traditional Römer 1990
Traditional Ronda Magica 1988
Traditional Rondo
Traditional Rosenkönig
Traditional Rosworth
Traditional Royal Turf 2001
Traditional Rübenziehen 1991
Traditional Ruhmreiche Ritter

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