Welcome to your city!

This version of Micropolis online is a handmade port of Micropolis to Javascript. (Micropolis is the open-source release of a commercial game once sold by Electronic Arts). The aim is to grow your city, balancing the various competing demands. Use the buttons in the toolbox to select the various zones and buildings, and then click on the desired location to build.


If you're starting to run out of money, use the budget tool to modify the tax rate, and funding for various city services. Don't cut things too much, or things will start to fall apart!

The evaluation tool can provide insight into the opinion of the city's inhabitants, and the query tool offers finer-grained insight.


Some people just want to watch the world burn. If you're one of them, then the disasters button on the left hand side will give you the matches. Choose one of the options to unleash mayhem!


You will find assorted helpful controls by clicking the settings button on the left.