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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball A.B.C. 1936-February
Pinball A.G. Football 1992-October
Pinball A.G. Soccer-Ball 1991-October
Pinball Aaron Spelling 1992-February
Pinball A-B-C 1951-March
Pinball A-B-C Bowler 1941-August
Pinball Abra Ca Dabra 1971-October
Pinball Abra Ca Dabra 1975-November
Pinball Acapulco 1961-March21
Pinball Ace 1935-August
Pinball Ace 1932-April
Pinball Ace High 1957-February
Pinball Ace High 1932-April
Pinball Ace High 1954-July
Pinball Ace Is High 1931-June
Pinball Aces & Kings 1970-June8
Pinball Aces High 1932-
Pinball Aces High 1965-May20
Pinball Acey Ducy 1960-May
Pinball Across the Board 1938-January
Pinball Across the Board 1952-September
Pinball Action 1969-September15
Pinball Action 1943-April
Pinball Action 1934-November
Pinball Action (Jr) 1934-December
Pinball Action (Sr) 1934-December
Pinball Action Baseball 1971-March
Pinball Add-A-Ball 1961-September
Pinball Admiral 1933-February
Pinball Advance 1933-October
Pinball Advance Roll 1946-December30
Pinball Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends 1993-February
Pinball Aerobatics 1977-February
Pinball Af-Tor 1984-December
Pinball Agents 777 1984-November
Pinball A-Go-Go 1966-May25
Pinball Air Aces 1975-February
Pinball Air Circus 1942-February
Pinball Air Derby 1937-June
Pinball Air Force 1941-
Pinball Air Lane 1936-June
Pinball Air Races 1937-April
Pinball Air Races 1932-October
Pinball Airborne 1996-March
Pinball Airborne Avenger 1977-September
Pinball Airliner 1939-August
Pinball Airport 1939-May
Pinball Airport 1969-April
Pinball Airway 1933-February
Pinball Airway of 1937 1937-August

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