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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball C.O.D. 1953-September11
Pinball C.O.D. 1939-November
Pinball C.O.D. 1935-February
Pinball Cabana 1953-March
Pinball Cabaret 1968-December
Pinball Cactus Jack's 1991-April
Pinball Caddie 1975-
Pinball Cadet 1932-March
Pinball Cadets 1938-June
Pinball Cadillac 1940-May
Pinball Calcio Italia 1965-
Pinball California Express 1935-June
Pinball Camel Caravan 1949-June
Pinball Camelite 1978-May
Pinball Camelot 1969-October30
Pinball Campus 1950-February
Pinball Campus Queen 1966-March19
Pinball Can Can 1955-August
Pinball Canada Dry 1976-December
Pinball Canasta 1950-July
Pinball Canasta 86 1986-
Pinball Can-Can 1961-August28
Pinball Cannes 1976-June
Pinball Cannon Fire 1934-July
Pinball Cannon Fire 1934-December
Pinball Canon Fire 1935-August
Pinball Capersville 1966-November8
Pinball Capri 1956-August
Pinball Capt. Card 1974-May
Pinball Capt. Fantastic 1977-
Pinball Capt. Fantastic 1975-September4
Pinball Captain Hook 1985-April
Pinball Captain Kidd 1960-July
Pinball Captain Kidd 1936-March
Pinball Captain Kidd 1941-May
Pinball Car Hop 1991-January
Pinball Caravan 1952-June27
Pinball Caravan 1949-August
Pinball Caravan 1974-
Pinball Caravan 1956-February
Pinball Caravelle 1961-February3
Pinball Card Castle 1977-
Pinball Card King 1971-August
Pinball Card Trix 1970-April
Pinball Card Trix 1970-May
Pinball Card Whiz 1976-May20
Pinball Cargo 1937-November
Pinball Caribbean 1948-May
Pinball Caribbean Cruise 1989-
Pinball Carioca 1935-June

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