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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball F1 Grand Prix 1987-
Pinball F-14 Tomcat 1987-March
Pinball Fabulous 50's 1978-August
Pinball Faces 1976-December
Pinball Faeton 1985-
Pinball Fair 1939-May
Pinball Fair 1936-
Pinball Fair Fight 1978-May
Pinball Fair Lady 1956-November
Pinball Fair Play 1936-January
Pinball Fairgrounds 1937-February
Pinball Fairmont 1941-
Pinball Fairway 1935-May
Pinball Fairway 1953-June9
Pinball Fairy 1975-September
Pinball Falling Suns 1944-May
Pinball Falstaff 1957-October16
Pinball Family Fun! 1979-April
Pinball Fan Dancer 1944-August
Pinball Fandango 1976-May
Pinball Fan-Tan 1932-March
Pinball Fan-Tas-Tic 1972-September26
Pinball Fantasy 1982-
Pinball Fantasy 1940-February
Pinball Fantasy 1976-January
Pinball Fantasy Jackpot 1940-February
Pinball Far Out 1974-December
Pinball Farfalla 1983-September
Pinball Fashion Show 1962-June
Pinball Fast Ball 1969-March25
Pinball Fast Ball 1946-July
Pinball Fast Draw 1975-March17
Pinball Fast Track 1943-January
Pinball Fathom 1981-August
Pinball Fatima 1933-July
Pinball Faukland
Pinball Favorite 1932-April
Pinball Favorite 1948-May
Pinball Feed Bag 1938-July
Pinball Fence Buster 1936-May
Pinball Festival 1966-August
Pinball Fiery 30's 1974-
Pinball Fiesta 1976-June
Pinball Fiesta 1946-November
Pinball Fiesta 1938-May2
Pinball Fiesta 1959-December9
Pinball Fifth Inning 1939-May
Pinball Fifty Grand 1941-June
Pinball Fifty Grand 1933-
Pinball Fighting Irish 1950-November

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