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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball M Game 1986-November
Pinball Mac Attack 1989-
Pinball Mac Jungle 1987-March
Pinball Macao 1968-
Pinball Mac's Galaxy 1986-March
Pinball Mad 1993-October
Pinball Mad Cap 1936-January
Pinball Mad Race 1984-
Pinball Mad World 1964-May29
Pinball Madam Butterfly 1949-April
Pinball Mademoiselle 1959-October
Pinball Madison Square Gardens 1950-June
Pinball Magic 1979-August
Pinball Magic 1948-December
Pinball Magic 1974-
Pinball Magic Card 1970-July
Pinball Magic Castle 1984-September
Pinball Magic Circle 1965-February26
Pinball Magic City 1967-January11
Pinball Magic Clock 1960-December5
Pinball Magic Clock 1965-June
Pinball Magic Lamp 1937-April
Pinball Magic Lites 1959-
Pinball Magic Picture Pin 1982-January
Pinball Magic Picture Pin 1982-April
Pinball Magic Pins 1937-January
Pinball Magic Ring 1968-September4
Pinball Magic Town 1967-February10
Pinball Magic Wizard 1971-December
Pinball Magnotron 1974-August
Pinball Main Street 1935-
Pinball Maisie 1947-March
Pinball Majestic 1935-December
Pinball Majestic 1957-February4
Pinball Majestic 1932-February
Pinball Majestic (Jr) 1932-October
Pinball Majestic (Sr) 1932-October
Pinball Majik Keys 1934-July
Pinball Majik Keys Kicker 1934-October
Pinball Major League 1934-July
Pinball Major League Baseball 1948-August
Pinball Majorettes 1952-April11
Pinball Majorettes 1964-August
Pinball Majors 1939-January28
Pinball Majors 1939-January21
Pinball Majors of '41 1941-March4
Pinball Majors of '49 1949-February25
Pinball Make or Break 1935-
Pinball Make or Break 1937-April
Pinball Make or Break 1935-May

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