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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball Pace Maker 1939-March
Pinball Paddles 1937-September
Pinball Paddock 1969-September12
Pinball Paddock 1937-May17
Pinball Pair 'Em 1935-June
Pinball Palace Guard 1968-March
Pinball Palisades 1953-July30
Pinball Palm Beach 1952-May22
Pinball Palm Springs 1938-September
Pinball Palm Springs 1953-September24
Pinball Palooka 1964-April
Pinball Pamco Ante 1936-February
Pinball Pamco Ballot 1936-June
Pinball Pamco Bells 1936-June
Pinball Pamco Casino 1936-January
Pinball Pamco Chase 1936-May
Pinball Pamco Handicap 1936-January
Pinball Pamco Leathernecks 1936-June
Pinball Pamco Palooka 1936-January
Pinball Pamco Parlay 1935-October
Pinball Pamco Saratoga 1936-September
Pinball Pamco Speedway 1936-January
Pinball Pan American 1941-
Pinball Pan American 1941-June
Pinball Panama 1935-
Pinball Panama 1936-June
Pinball Pansy 1932-August
Pinball Panthera 1980-June
Pinball Papillon 1984-December
Pinball Par Golf 1935-September
Pinball Par Golf 1965-September
Pinball Par Golf 1932-April
Pinball Parade 1956-March25
Pinball Parade Leader 1944-August
Pinball Paradise 1948-August
Pinball Paradise 1965-November
Pinball Paradise 1940-December
Pinball Paragon 1936-August
Pinball Paragon 1979-June
Pinball Paraiso 1967-
Pinball Paramount 1938-December
Pinball Paramount 1936-
Pinball Paratrooper 1952-August27
Pinball Paratroops 1943-April
Pinball Par-Golf 1935-February
Pinball Pari-Mutual 1936-April
Pinball Par-Lay 1936-January
Pinball Parlor Bagatelle Table 1885-
Pinball Parlor Table 1902-
Pinball Party 1979-May

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