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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball T.N.T. 1976-February
Pinball T.V. Baseball 1966-
Pinball T.V. Pin Game
Pinball Tackle 1936-January
Pinball Tag-Team Pinball 1985-September
Pinball Tag-Team Pinball 1986-
Pinball Tahiti 1949-October
Pinball Tahiti 1953-August
Pinball Tahiti 1979-
Pinball Tahiti 1974-October29
Pinball Tail Gunner 1944-November
Pinball Tailspin 1933-February
Pinball Take A Card 1979-
Pinball Take Five 1978-April
Pinball Tales from the Crypt 1993-December
Pinball Tales of the Arabian Nights 1996-May
Pinball Tally 1935-September
Pinball Tally Ho 1947-November
Pinball Tampico 1949-June
Pinball Tam-Tam 1974-
Pinball Tanga 1975-
Pinball Tango 1932-February
Pinball Tango 1935-December
Pinball Taps 1939-May
Pinball Target 1959-September17
Pinball Target 1935-April
Pinball Target Alpha 1976-November
Pinball Target Gallery 1962-
Pinball Target Pool 1969-June
Pinball Target Roll 1957-November25
Pinball Target Skill 1941-May
Pinball Taxi 1988-August
Pinball Teacher's Pet 1965-December16
Pinball Team One 1977-March2
Pinball Teaser 1932-September
Pinball Teaser 1936-February
Pinball Tee'd Off 1993-May
Pinball Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1991-June
Pinball Teezer 1933-June
Pinball Telecard 1949-January
Pinball Tempo Tempo 1952-
Pinball Temptation 1977-
Pinball Temptation 1948-November
Pinball Ten Grand 1935-November
Pinball Ten Little Indians 1950-July
Pinball Ten Pin 1969-November21
Pinball Ten Spot 1941-May
Pinball Ten Spot 1961-June23
Pinball Ten Stars 1976-
Pinball Ten Strike 1937-February

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