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Category Game Title Platform Year
Pinball Wagon Train 1960-April
Pinball Wagon Train 1960-
Pinball Wagon Wheels 1945-February
Pinball Wahoo 1933-August
Pinball Waldorf 1933-February
Pinball Wall Street 1974-February13
Pinball Wall Street 1935-November
Pinball Wampum Bank 1932-June
Pinball Wang-Poo 1932-June
Pinball War 1978-October
Pinball War Admiral 1943-January
Pinball War Admiral 1943-September
Pinball Warlok 1982-October
Pinball Watch My Line 1951-July
Pinball Waterworld 1995-October
Pinball West Club 1967-June
Pinball West Show 1976-
Pinball West Wind 1941-July
Pinball Westbound 1935-March
Pinball Western 1970-
Pinball Western 1969-October
Pinball Wheel of Fortune 1936-June
Pinball Wheels II 1975-May
Pinball Whiffle 1931-April
Pinball Whiffle Board 1931-June
Pinball Whiffle Zip 1932-June
Pinball Whirl Pool 1935-January
Pinball Whirl Wind 1957-December9
Pinball Whirl-A-Round 1932-May
Pinball Whirlaway 1943-August
Pinball Whirlaway 1943-August
Pinball Whirligig 1932-June
Pinball Whirlpool 1932-February
Pinball Whirlpool (Jr) 1932-February
Pinball Whirls Fair 1933-May
Pinball Whirlwind 1990-January
Pinball Whir-Pool 1932-May
Pinball White Force 1987-
Pinball White Sails 1939-September
Pinball White Shark 1980-
Pinball White Water 1993-January
Pinball Whiz Ball Jackpot 1932-May
Pinball Whiz Kids 1952-March
Pinball Whizz 1946-October
Pinball Whizzard 1932-April
Pinball Whizz-Bang 1932-April
Pinball WHO dunnit 1995-September
Pinball Whoopee 1964-October14
Pinball Whoopee Game 1931-March
Pinball Who's Goofy 1932-October

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